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From English Heritage

Blue Plaques in London

ADAM, Robert (1728-1792),
Architect; Thomas HOOD (1799-1845), Poet; John GALSWORTHY (1867-1933), Novelist and Playwright; Sir James BARRIE (1860-1937), Dramatist; and other eminent artists and writers lived here.
1-3 Robert Street, Adelphi, WC2
Westminster 1950

ADAMS, Henry Brooks

This building stands on the site of Adelphi Terrace built by the brothers ADAM in 1768-1774. Famous residents in the Terrace include Topham (1739-1780), friend of Dr Johnson and Lady Diana BEAUCLERK (1734-1808), Amateur Artist; David GARRICK (1717-1779), Actor;-Richard D'OYLY CARTE (1844-1901), Savoy Opera Promoter; Thomas HARDY (1840-1928), Poet and Novelist and George Bernard SHAW (1856-1950), Author and Playwright. The London School of Economics and the Savage Club also had their premises here. Supersedes separate plaques to David Garrick at No. 5 Adelphi Terrace, and the brothers Adam at No. 4, destroyed during the demolition of the Terrace in 1936.
The Adelphi, WC2
Westminster 1952

ALEXANDER, Sir George (1858-1918),
Actor-Manager, lived here.
57 Pont Street, SW1
Kensington and Chelsea 1951


ALLENBY, Field Marshal Edmund Henry Hynman, Viscount
(1861-1936), Lived here 1928-1936.
24 Wetherby Gardens, SW5
Kensington and Chelsea 1960

ALMA-TADEMA, Sir Laurance, OM (1836-1912),
Painter, lived here 1886-1912.
44 Grove End Road, St John's Wood, NW8
Westminster 1975

ANDERSON, Dr Elizabeth Garrett

ARKWRIGHT, Sir Richard (1732-1792),
Industrialist and Inventor, lived here.
8 Adam Street, WC2
Westminster 1984

ARNE, Thomas (1710-1778),
Composer, lived here.
31 King Street, Covent Garden, WC2
Westminster 1988

ARNOLD, Sir Edwin (1832-1904),
Poet and Journalist, lived and died here.
31 Bolton Gardens, SW5
Kensington and Chelsea 1931

ARNOLD, Matthew (1822-1888),
Poet and Critic, lived here.
2 Chester Square, SW1
Westminster 1954

ASHFIELD, Albert Henry Stanley, Lord Ashfield (1874-1948),
First Chairman of London Transport, lived here.
43 South Street, Mayfair, W1
Westminster 1984

ASQUITH, Herbert Henry, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith
(1852-1928), Statesman, lived here.
20 Cavendish Square, W1
Westminster 1951

ASTAFIEVA, Princess Seraphine (1876-1934),
Ballet dancer, lived and taught here.
152 King's Road, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1968

ASTOR, Nancy (1879-1964),
First woman to sit in Parliament, lived here.
4 St James's Square, SW1
Westminster 1987

ATTLEE, Richard Clement (1883-1976),
Prime Minister, lived here.
17 Monkhams Avenue, Woodford Green
Redbridge 1984

AVEBURY, Baron: Sir John Lubbock (1834-1913),
Scientist, born here.
29 Eaton Place, SW1
Westminster 1935

BADEN-POWELL, Robert (1857-1941),
Chief Scout of the World, lived here.
9 Hyde Park Gate, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1972

BAGEHOT, Walter (1826-1877),
Writer, Banker and Economist, lived here.
12 Upper Belgrave Street, SW1
Westminster 1967

BAGNOLD, Enid (1889-1981),
Novelist and Playwright, lived here.
29 Hyde Park Gate, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1997

BAILLIE, Joanna.
Poet and Dramatist, born 1762, died 1851, lived in this house for nearly fifty years.
Bolton House, Windmill Hill, NW3
Camden 1900

BAIRD, John Logie (1888-1946),
First demonstrated television in this house in 1926.
22 Frith Street, W1
Westminster 1951

BAIRD, John Logie (1888-1946),
Television Pioneer, lived here.
3 Crescent Wood Road, Sydenham, SE26
Lewisham 1977

BAIRNSFATHER, Bruce (1888-1959),
Cartoonist, lived here.
1 Sterling Street, off Montpelier Square, SW7
Westminster 1981

BALDWIN, Stanley (1867-1947),
Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, Prime Minister, lived here.
93 Eaton Square, SW1
Westminster 1969

BALFE, Michael William (1808-1870),
Musical Composer, lived here.
12 Seymour Street, W1
Westminster 1912

BALLANTYNE, R.M. (1825-1894),
Author of books for boys, lived here.
Duneaves, Mount Park Road
Harrow 1979

BANKS, Sir Joseph (1743-1820),
President of the Royal Society; and Robert BROWN (1773-1858) and David DON (1800-1841) Botanists, lived in a house on this site. THE LINNEAN SOCIETY met here 1820-1857. On rebuilt premises. Replaces plaque put up in 1911 on old premises.
32 Soho Square, W1
Westminster 1938

BARBON, Nicholas

BARING, Evelyn, 1st Earl of Cromer (1841-1917),
Colonial Administrator, lived and died here.
36 Wimpole Street, W1
Westminster 1998

BARLOW, William Henry (1812-1902),
Engineer, lived and died here.
"Highcombe", 145 Carlton Road, Charlton, SE7
Greenwich 1991

BARNARDO, Dr Thomas John (1845-1905),
Began his work for children in a building on this site in 1866.
58 Solent House, Ben Jonson Road, E1
Tower Hamlets 1953

BARNETT, Dame Henrietta (1851-1936),
Founder of Hampstead Garden Suburb; and Canon Samuel BARNETT (1844-1913), Social Reformer, lived here.
Heath End House, Spaniards Road, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1983

BARRETT, Elizabeth
See BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett

BARRIE, Sir James
See also ADAM, Robert

BARRIE, Sir James (1860-1937),
Novelist and Dramatist, lived here.
100 Bayswater Road, W2
Westminster 1961

BARRY, Sir Charles (1795-1860),
Architect, lived and died here.
The Elms, Clapham Common North Side, SW4
Lambeth 1950

BARTöK, Béla (1881-1945),
Hungarian Composer, stayed here when performing in London.
7 Sydney Place, South Kensington, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1997

BASEVI, George (1794-1845),
Architect, lived here.
17 Savile Row, W1
Westminster 1949

BATEMAN, H.M. (1887-1970),
Cartoonist, lived here 1910-1914.
40 Nightingale Lane, Clapham South, SW12
Wandsworth 1997

BAX, Sir Arnold (1883-1953),
Composer, was born here.
13 Pendennis Road, Streatham, SW16
Lambeth 1993

BAYLIS, Lilian (1874-1937),
Manager of the Old Vic and Sadlers Wells Theatres, lived and died here.
27 Stockwell Park Road, SW9
Lambeth 1974

BAZALGETTE, Sir Joseph William (1819-1891),
Civil Engineer, lived here.
17 Hamilton Terrace, St John's Wood, NW8
Westminster 1974


BEARD, John (c.1717-1791)
Singer and WILLIAM EWART (1798-1869), Promoter of public libraries lived here.
Hampton Branch Library, Rose Hill, Hampton
Richmond Upon Thames 1992

BEARDSLEY, Aubrey (1872-1898),
Artist, lived here.
114 Cambridge Street, SW1
Westminster 1948

BEATTY, David, Earl
See COCHRANE, Thomas



BEAUFORT, Sir Francis (1774-1857),
Admiral and Hydrographer, lived here.
51 Manchester Street, W1
Westminster 1959

BEECHAM, Sir Thomas, CH (1879-1961),
Conductor and Impresario, lived here.
31 Grove End Road, St John's Wood, NW8
Westminster 1985

BEERBOHM, Sir Max (1872-1956),
Artist and Writer, born here.
57 Palace Gardens Terrace, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1969

BELLO, Andres (1781-1865),
Poet, Jurist, Philologist and Venezuelan Patriot, lived here in 1810.
58 Grafton Way, W1
Camden 1996

BELLOC, Hilaire (1870-1953),
Poet, Essayist and Historian, lived here 1900-1905.
104 Cheyne Walk, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1973

BENEDICT, Sir Julius (1804-1885),
Musical Composer, lived and died here.
2 Manchester Square, W1
Westminster 1934

BENES, Dr Edward (1884-1948),
President of Czechoslovakia, lived here.
26 Gwendolen Avenue, Putney, SW15
Wandsworth 1978

BEN-GURION, David (1886-1973),
First Prime Minister of Israel, lived here.
75 Warrington Crescent, Maida Vale, W9
Westminster 1986

BENNETT, Arnold (1867-1931),
Novelist, lived here.
75 Cadogan Square, SW1
Kensington and Chelsea 1958

BENNETT, Sir William Sterndale (1816-1875),
Composer, lived here.
38 Queensborough Terrace, Bayswater, W2
Westminster 1996

BENSON, E.F. (1867-1940),
Writer, lived here.
25 Brompton Square, SW3
Kensington & Chelsea 1994

BENTHAM, George (1800-1884),
Botanist, lived here.
25 Wilton Place, Belgravia, SW1
Westminster 1978

BENTLEY, John Francis (1839-1902),
Architect, lived here.
43 Old Town, Clapham, SW4
Lambeth 1950

BERLIOZ, Hector (1803-1869),
Composer, stayed here in 1851.
58 Queen Anne Street, W1
Westminster 1969

BESANT, Annie (1847-1933),
Social Reformer, lived here in 1874.
39 Colby Road, SE19
Southwark 1963

BESANT, Sir Walter (1836-1901),
Novelist and Antiquary, lived and died here.
Frognal End, Frognal Gardens, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1925

BEVAN, Robert Polhill (1865-1925),
Camden Town Group Painter, lived here 1900-1925.
14 Adamson Road, NW3
Camden 1999

BEWDLEY, Earl Baldwin of


BLAKE, William

BLAND, Dorothea
See JORDAN, Dorothy

BLIGH, William (1754-1817),
Commander of the 'Bounty', lived here.
100 Lambeth Road, SE1
Lambeth 1952

BLISS, Sir Arthur (1891-1975),
Composer, lived here 1929-1939.
East Heath Lodge, 1 East Heath Road, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1993

BLUMLEIN, Alan Dower (1903-1942),
Electronics Engineer and Inventor, lived here.
37 The Ridings, W5
Ealing 1977

BLUNT, Wilfrid Scawen

BLYTON, Enid (1897-1968),
Children's Writer, lived here 1920-1924.
207 Hook Road, Chessington
Kingston Upon Thames 1997

BOMBERG, David (1890-1957),
Painter, lived and worked here 1928-1934.
10 Fordwych Road, West Hampstead, NW2
Camden 1996

BONAR LAW, Andrew (1858-1923),
Prime Minister, lived here.
24 Onslow Gardens, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1958

BONHAM CARTER, Lady Violet, Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury
(1887-1969), Politician and Writer, lived here.
43 Gloucester Square, W2
Westminster 1994

BOOTH, Charles (1840-1916),
Pioneer in Social Research, lived here.
6 Grenville Place, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1951

BOROUGH, Stephen

BOROUGH, William

BORROW, George (1803-1881),
Author, lived here.
22 Hereford Square, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1911

See JOHNSON, Samuel

BOSWELL, James (1740-1795),
Biographer, lived and died in a house on this site.
122 Great Portland Street, W1
Westminster 1936

BOULT, Sir Adrian, CH (1889-1983),
Conductor, lived at flat No. 78 1966-1977.
78 Marlborough Mansions, Cannon Hill, West Hampstead, NW6
Camden 1998

was formed about 1637. It has been the residence of many notable men, among whom were: Henry FIELDING (1707-1754), Novelist; Sir John FIELDING (d.1780), Magistrate; Grinling GIBBONS (1648-1721), Wood Carver; Charles MACKLIN (1697?-1797), Actor; John RADCLIFFE (1650-1714), Physician; Charles SACKVILLE, Earl of Dorset (1638-1706), Poet; and William WYCHERLEY (1640?-1716), Dramatist.
19-20 Bow Street, WC2
Westminster 1929

BRADLAUGH, Charles (1833-1891),
Advocate of Free Thought, lived here 1870-1877.
29 Turner Street, E1
Tower Hamlets 1961

BRAILSFORD, Henry Noel (1873-1958),
Writer, Champion of Equality and Free Humanity, lived here.
37 Belsize Park Gardens, NW3
Camden 1983

BRAIN, Dennis (1921-1957),
Horn-Player, lived here.
37 Frognal, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1995

BRANGWYN, Sir Frank (1867-1956),
Artist, lived here.
Temple Lodge, 51 Queen Caroline Street, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1989

BRIDGE, Frank (1879-1941),
Composer and Musician, lived here.
4 Bedford Gardens, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1989

Landscape Gardener, lived here 1723-1738.
54 Broadwick Street, Soho, W1
Westminster 1984

BRIDGEMAN, Sir Orlando

BRIGHT, Richard (1789-1858),
Physician, lived here.
11 Savile Row, W1
Westminster 1979

BRITTAIN, Vera (1893-1970),
HOLTBY, Winifred (1898-1935), Writers and Reformers, lived here.
58 Doughty Street, WC1
Camden 1995

BROOKE, Sir Charles Vyner (1874-1963),
Last Rajah of Sarawak, lived here.
13 Albion Street, W2
Westminster 1983

BROWN, Ford Madox

BROWN, Robert
See BANKS, Sir Joseph

BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett (1806-1861),
Poet, lived here.
99 Gloucester Place, W1
Westminster 1924

BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett (1806-1861),
Poet, lived in a house on this site 1838-1846. Inscription in stone panel under ground floor window intended to replace RSA plaque erected in 1898 on a building now demolished. The old plaque was refixed at second floor level and reads 'Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poetess, afterwards wife of Robert Browning lived here'.
50 Wimpole Street, W1
Westminster 1937

BRUMMELL, Beau (1778-1840),
Leader of Fashion, lived here.
4 Chesterfield Street, Mayfair, W1
Westminster 1984

BRUNEL, Isambard Kingdom

BRUNEL, Sir Marc Isambard (1769-1849),
and Isambard Kingdom BRUNEL (1806-1859), Civil Engineers, lived here.
98 Cheyne Walk, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1954

BURGOYNE, General John (1722-1792),
lived and died here. For another plaque at this address see SHERIDAN.
10 Hertford Street, W1
Westminster 1954

BURKE, Edmund,
Author and Statesman, lived here b.1729, d.1797
37 Gerrard Street, W1
Westminster 1876


BURNE-JONES, Sir Edward (1833-1898),
Artist, lived here 1865-1867.
41 Kensington Square, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1998

BURNETT, Frances Hodgson (1849-1924),
Writer, lived here.
63 Portland Place, W1
Westminster 1979

BURNEY, Fanny (Madame D'Arblay),
Authoress, lived here. Born 1752, died 1840.
11 Bolton Street, W1
Westminster 1885

BURNS, John (1858-1943),
Statesman, lived here.
110 North Side, Clapham Common, SW4
Wandsworth 1950

BUSS, Frances Mary (1827-1894),
Pioneer of Education for Women was Headmistress here 1879-1894.
Camden School for Girls, Sandall Road, NW5
Camden 2000

BUSSON, Louis Palmella
See DU MAURIER, George

BUTT, Dame Clara (1873-1937),
Singer, lived here 1901-1929.
7 Harley Road, NW3
Camden 1969

BUTTERFIELD, William (1814-1900),
Architect, lived here.
42 Bedford Square, WC1
Camden 1978

CALDECOTT, Randolph (1846-1886),
Artist and Book Illustrator, lived here.
46 Great Russell Street, WC2
Camden 1977

CAMPBELL, Colen (1676-1729),
Architect and Author of 'Vitruvius Britannicus', lived and died here.
76 Brook Street, W1
Westminster 1977

CAMBELL-BANNERMAN, Sir Henry (1836-1908),
Prime Minister, lived here.
6 Grosvenor Place, SW1
Westminster 1959

CANAL, Antonio (CANALETTO) (1697-1768),
Venetian Painter, lived here.
41 Beak Street, W1
Westminster 1925

CANNING, George (1770-1827),
Statesman, lived here.
50 Berkeley Square, W1
Westminster 1979

CARLILE, Wilson, Prebendary (1847-1942),
Founder of the Church Army, lived here.
34 Sheffield Terrace, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1972

CARLYLE, Thomas (1795-1881),
Essayist and Historian, lived here.
33 Ampton Street, WC1
Camden 1907

CARTE, Richard D'Oyly

CARTER, Howard (1874-1939),
Egyptologist and Discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun, lived here.
19 Collingham Gardens, SW5
Kensington and Chelsea 1999

CASLON, William.
The Foundry established by William Caslon, Typefounder (1692-1766) stood on this site 1737-1909.
21-23 Chiswell Street, EC1
Islington 1958

CASTLEREAGH, Viscount (1769-1822),
Statesman, lived and died here.
Loring Hall, Water Lane, North Cray
Bexley 1989

Discovered here, 23 February 1820.
1a Cato Street, W1
Westminster 1977

CAVELL, Edith (1865-1915),
Pioneer of modern nursing in Belgium and Heroine of the Great War, trained and worked here 1896-1901.
London Hospital, Whitechapel, E1
Tower Hamlets 1988

CAVENDISH, Honble Henry,
Natural Philosopher, lived here, born 1731 died 1810. Erected privately by the Duke of Bedford c.1903, adopted by the GLC in 1983.
11 Bedford Square, WC1 Camden c.1903

CAYLEY, Sir George (1773-1857),
Scientist and Pioneer of Aviation, lived here.
20 Hertford Street, W1
Westminster 1962

CECIL, Robert Gascoyne
See SALISBURY, 3rd Marquess of

CECIL, Viscount, of Chelwood (1864-1958),
Creator of the League of Nations, lived here.
16 South Eaton Place, SW1
Westminster 1976

CHADWICK, Sir Edwin (1801-1890),
Public Health Reformer, lived here.
5 Montague Road, Richmond
Richmond Upon Thames 1992

CHAMBERLAIN, Joseph (1836-1914),
Statesman, lived here.
188 Camberwell Grove, SE5
Southwark 1920

CHAMBERLAIN, Joseph (1836-1914),
Statesman, lived here.
25 Highbury Place, N5
Islington 1915

CHAMBERLAIN, Neville (1869-1940),
Prime Minister, lived here 1923-1935.
37 Eaton Square, SW1
Westminster 1962


CHARLES X (1757-1836),
last Bourbon King of France lived here 1805-1814.
72 South Audley Street, W1
Westminster 2000


CHATHAM, Earl of

was manufactured in a house at the north end of Lawrence Street 1745-1784. Tobias SMOLLETT (1721-1771), Novelist, also lived in part of the house from 1750 to 1762.
16 Lawrence Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1950

CHESTERFIELD, Philip 4th Earl of (1694-1774),
Statesman and Author, lived in this house. Open to the public.
Rangers House, Chesterfield Walk, SE10
Greenwich 1937

CHESTERTON, Gilbert Keith (1874-1936),
Poet, Novelist and Critic, lived here.
11 Warwick Gardens, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1952

CHEVALIER, Albert (1861-1923),
Music Hall Comedian, was born here.
17 St Ann's Villas, W11
Kensington and Chelsea 1965

the workshop of Thomas Chippendale and his son, Cabinet Makers, stood near this site 1753-1813.
61 St Martin's Lane, WC2
Westminster 1952

CHISHOLM, Caroline (1808-1877),
Philanthropist, 'The Emigrants' Friends', lived here.
32 Charlton Place, N1
Islington 1983

CHOPIN, Frederic
From this house in 1848 Frederic CHOPIN (1810-1849) went to the Guildhall to give his last public performance.
4 St James's Place, SW1
Westminster 1981

CHURCHILL, Lord Randolph (1849-1895),
Statesman, lived here 1883-1892.
2 Connaught Place, W2
Westminster 1962

CHURCHILL, Sir Winston, KG (1874-1965),
Prime Minister, lived and died here.
28 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington Gore, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1985


CLARKSON, Willy (1861-1934),
Theatrical Wigmaker, lived and died here.
41-43 Wardour Street, W1
Westminster 1966

CLAYTON, Reverend P.T.B. 'Tubby' (1885-1972),
Founder of Toc H, lived here.
43 Trinity Square, Tower Hill, EC3
Tower Hamlets 1995

CLEGHORN, Elizabeth

CLEMENS, Samuel L.
See TWAIN, Mark

CLEMENTI, Muzio (1752-1832),
Composer, lived here.
128 Kensington Church Street, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1963

CLIVE of India, Lord (1725-1774),
Soldier and Administrator, lived here.
45 Berkeley Square, W1
Westminster 1953

COBDEN, Richard (1804-1865),
Statesman, died here.
23 Suffolk Street, SW1
Westminster 1905

COBDEN-SANDERSON, Thomas James (1840-1922),
Founded the Doves Bindery and Doves Press in this house, and later lived and died here.
15 Upper Mall, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1974

COCHRANE, Thomas, Earl of Dundonald (1775-1860),
And later David, Earl BEATTY, OM (1871-1936), Admirals, lived here.
Hanover Lodge, Outer Circle, Regent's Park, NW1
Westminster 1974

COCKERELL, C.R. (Charles Robert) (1788-1863),
Architect and Antiquary, lived and died here.
13 Chester Terrace, NW1
Camden 1989

COLE, Sir Henry (1808-1882),
Campaigner and Educator, First Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, lived here.
33 Thurloe Square, South Kensington, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1991

COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834),
Poet and Philosopher, lived here.
7 Addison Bridge Place, W14
Hammersmith and Fulham 1950

COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834),
Poet and Philosopher, lived here. Plaque fixed 1905. Premises rebuilt and plaque refixed 1928. Plaque replaced by new one on same building in 1966.
71 Berners Street, W1
Westminster 1905

COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, Samuel (1875-1912),
Composer of the 'Song of Hiawatha', lived here.
30 Dagnall Park, South Norwood, SE25
Croydon 1975

Was here from 1862-1958.
10-11 Islington Green, N1
Islington 1968

COLLINS, William Wilkie (1824-1889),
Novelist, lived here.
65 Gloucester Place, W1
Westminster 1951

COMPTON-BURNETT, Dame Ivy (1884-1969),
Novelist, lived here 1934-1969
5 Braemar Mansions, Cornwall Gardens, Kensington, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1994

CONAN DOYLE, Sir Arthur (1859-1930),
Creator of Sherlock Holmes, lived here 1891-1894.
12 Tennison Road, South Norwood, SE25
Croydon 1973

CONRAD, Joseph (1857-1924),
Novelist, lived here.
17 Gillingham Street, SW1
Westminster 1984

CONS, Emma (1837-1912),
Philanthropist and Founder of the Old Vic, lived here.
136 Seymour Place, W1
Westminster 1978

CONSTABLE, John (1776-1837),
Painter, lived here.
40 Well Walk, NW3
Camden 1923

COOK, Captain James (1728-1779),
Circumnavigator and Explorer, lived in a house on this site. A memorial tablet of slate erected in 1970 on the site of Cook's house with an inscription commemorating the bicentenary of his landing at Botany Bay, New South Wales
88 Mile End Road, E1
Tower Hamlets 1970

COPEMAN, Sydney Monckton (1862-1947),
Immunologist and Developer of smallpox vaccine, lived here.
57 Redcliffe Gardens, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1996

The home of London Government from 1922 to 1986; LCC 1889-1965, GLC 1965-1986.
Main Entrance, County Hall, SE1
Lambeth 1986

COWARD, Sir Noel (1899-1973),
Actor, Playwright and Songwriter, born here.
131 Waldegrave Road, Teddington
Richmond Upon Thames 1995

COX, David (1783-1859),
Artist, lived here.
34 Foxley Road, SW9
Lambeth 1951

CRANE, Walter (1845-1915),
Artist, lived here.
13 Holland Street, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1952

CREED, Frederick George (1871-1957),
Electrical Engineer, Inventor of the Teleprinter, lived and died here.
20 Outram Road, Addiscombe
Croydon 1973

CRIPPS, Sir Stafford (1899-1952),
Statesman, born here.
32 Elm Park Gardens, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1989

CROMPTON, Colonel R. E. B. (1845-1940)
Electrical Engineer lived an d worked here 1891-1939.
48 Kensington Court, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 2000

CROOKES, Sir William (1832-1919),
Scientist, lived here from 1880 until his death.
7 Kensington Park Gardens, W11
Kensington and Chelsea 1967


CROSS, Mary Ann

Artist, lived here from 1850 to 1878 b. September 27th 1792, d. Feb 1st 1878.
263 Hampstead Road, NW1
Camden 1885

CUBITT, Thomas (1788-1855),
Master Builder, lived here.
3 Lyall Street, SW1
Westminster 1959

CURZON, George Nathaniel, Marquess Curzon of Kedleston
(1859-1925), Statesman, Viceroy of India, lived here.
1 Carlton House Terrace, SW1
Westminster 1976

DADD, Richard (1817-1886),
Painter, lived here.
15 Suffolk Street, SW1
Westminster 1977

DALE, Sir Henry (1875-1968),
Physiologist, lived here.
Mount Vernon House, Mount Vernon, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1981

DANCE, George, the younger (1741-1825),
Architect, lived and died here.
91 Gower Street, WC1
Camden 1970

DANIELL, Thomas (1749-1840),
Topographical Artist, lived here.
14 Earls Terrace, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1999

DANIELL, William (1769-1837),
Artist and Engraver of Indian scenes, lived and died here.
135 St Pancras Way, NW1
Camden 2000

D'ARBLAY, Madame
See BURNEY, Fanny

DARWIN, Charles (1809-1882),
Naturalist, lived in a house on this site 1838-1842. Biological Sciences Building, University College, (site of
110) Gower Street, WC1
Camden 1961

DAVIES, Emily (1830-1921),
Founder of Girton College, Cambridge, lived here.
17 Cunningham Place, St John's Wood, NW8
Westminster 1978

DAVIES, Thomas
See JOHNSON, Samuel

DAY-LEWIS, C. (1904-1972),
Poet Laureate, lived here 1957-1972.
6 Crooms Hill, SE10
Greenwich 1998

DEFOE, Daniel (1661-1731),
Novelist, lived in a house on this site.
95 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16
Hackney 1932

DE GAULLE, General Charles,
President of the French National Committee, set up the Headquarters of the Free French Forces here in 1940.
4 Carlton Gardens, SW1
Westminster 1984

DE LA MARE, Walter (1873-1956),
Poet, lived here 1940-1956.
South End House, Montpelier Row, Twickenham
Richmond Upon Thames 1995

DE LA RAMIE, Marie Louisa

DELIUS, Frederick (1862-1934),
Composer, lived here 1918-1919.
44 Belsize Park Gardens, NW3
Camden 1999

DE MIRANDA, Francisco (1750-1816),
Precursor of Latin American Independence, lived here 1802-1810.
58 Grafton Way, W1
Camden 1996

DE MORGAN, William (1839-1917),
Ceramic Artist and Novelist, and his wife, Evelyn DE MORGAN (1855-1919), Artist, lived and died here.
127 Old Church Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1937

DE QUINCEY, Thomas (1785-1859),
wrote 'Confessions of an English Opium Eater' in this house.
36 Tavistock Street, WC2
Westminster 1981

DERBY, Earl of
See PITT, William

DEVINE, George (1910-1966),
Actor, Artistic Director of the Royal Court Theatre 1956-1965, lived here.
9 Lower Mall, Hammersmith, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1992

DICKENS, Charles (1812-1870),
Novelist, lived here. Open to the public.
48 Doughty Street, WC1
Camden 1903

DICKINSON, Goldsworthy Lowes.
this was the London home of Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, Author and Humanist. He was born 1862 and died 1932. Put up by private subscribers and taken over by the LCC in 1956.
11 Edwardes Square, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1956

DILKE, Sir Charles Wentworth (1843-1911),
Statesman and Author, lived here.
76 Sloane Street, SW1
Kensington and Chelsea 1959

DISRAELI, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield (1804-1881),
Statesman, died here.
19 Curzon Street, W1
Westminster 1908

DISRAELI, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield (1804-1881),
Statesman, born here 1804. First plaque put up in 1904 but removed during World War II.
22 Theobalds Road, WC1
Camden 1948

DOBSON, Frank (1886-1963),
Sculptor, lived here.
14 Harley Gardens, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1993

DOBSON, Henry Austin (1840-1921),
Poet and Essayist, lived here.
10 Redcliffe Street, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1959

DON, David
See BANKS, Sir Joseph

DONAT, Robert (1905-1958),
Actor, lived here.
8 Meadway, Hampstead Garden Suburb, NW11
Barnet 1994

DORSET, Earl of

DOUGLAS, Norman (1868-1952),
Writer, lived here.
63 Albany Mansions, Albert Bridge Road, SW11
Wandsworth 1980

DOWDING, Lord, Air Chief Marshall, (1882-1970),
Leader of Fighter Command, lived here 1941-1951.
3 St Mary's Road, Wimbledon, SW19
Merton 2000


Poet, lived here, b.1631, d.1700.
43 Gerrard Street, W1
Westminster 1875

DRYSDALE, Dr Charles Vickery (1874-1961),
a founder of the Family Planning Association, opened his first birth control clinic here in 1921.
153a East Street, Walworth, SE17
Southwark 1988

DU MAURIER, George Louis Palmella Busson (1834-1896),
Artist and Writer, lived here 1874-1895. Put up by private subscribers, and taken over by the LCC in 1959.
New Grove House, 28 Hampstead Grove, NW3
Camden 1900

DU MAURIER, Sir Gerald (1873-1934),
Actor Manager, lived here from 1916 until his death.
Cannon Hall, 14 Cannon Place, NW3
Camden 1967

See COCHRANE, Thomas

DYSON, Sir Frank (1868-1939),
Astronomer Royal, lived here 1894-1906.
6 Vanbrugh Hill, Blackheath, SE3
Greenwich 1990

Site of the business premises of Thomas Earnshaw (1749-1829), noted Watch and Chronometer Maker.
119 High Holborn, WC1
Camden 1948

EASTLAKE, Charles (1793-1865),
Painter and First Director of the National Gallery, lived here.
7 Fitzroy Square, W1
Camden 1985

EDDINGTON, Sir Arthur, OM (1882-1944),
Mathematician and Astrophysicist, lived here.
4 Bennett Park, Blackheath, SE3
Greenwich 1974

EDWARDS, John Passmore (1823-1911),
Journalist, Editor and Builder of free public libraries, lived here.
51 Netherhall Gardens, NW3
Camden 1988

ELDON, John Scott, Lord (1751-1838),
Lord Chancellor, lived here.
6 Bedford Square, WC1
Camden 1954

ELEN, Gus (1862-1940),
Music Hall Comedian, lived here.
3 Thurleigh Avenue, Balham, SW12
Wandsworth 1979

ELGAR, Sir Edward (1857-1934),
Composer, lived here 1890-1891.
51 Avonmore Road, W14
Hammersmith and Fulham 1962

See LAMB, Charles

ELIOT, George (Mary Ann Cross, née Evans) (1819-1880),
Novelist, lived here.
4 Cheyne Walk, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1949

ELIOT, George Mary Ann Cross (1819-1880)
Novelist, lived here.
Holly Lodge, 31 Wimbledon Park Road, SW18
Wandsworth 1905

ELIOT, T.S., OM (1888-1965),
Poet, lived and died here.
3 Kensington Court Gardens, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1986

ELLIS, Henry Havelock (1859-1939),
Pioneer in the scientific study of sex, lived here.
14 Dover Mansions, Canterbury Crescent, SW9
Lambeth 1981

ENGELS, Friedrich (1820-1895),
Political Philosopher, lived here 1870-1894.
121 Regent's Park Road, NW1
Camden 1972

was laid out in the grounds of Essex House by Nicholas BARBON in 1675. Among many famous lawyers who lived here were Sir Orlando BRIDGEMAN (c.1606-1674), Lord Keeper; Henry FIELDING (1707-1754), Novelist; and Brass CROSBY (1725-1793), Lord Mayor of London. James SAVAGE (1779-1852), Architect, had his office here. Prince CHARLES EDWARD STUART stayed at a house in the street in 1750. Rev. Theophilus LINDSEY (1723-1808), Unitarian Minister, founded Essex Street Chapel here in 1774. Dr Samuel JOHNSON established an evening club at the 'Essex Head' in 1783. The plaque at Essex Hall, Essex Street (a modern building) commemorates the historical associations of the whole street. It was erected at 7 Essex Street in 1962 and re-erected at Essex Hall in 1964.
Essex Hall, Essex Street, WC2
Westminster 1962

ETTY, William
See PEPYS, Samuel

EVANS, Dame Edith (1888-1976),
Actress, lived here.
109 Ebury Street, Victoria, SW1
Westminster 1997

EVANS, Mary Ann
See ELIOT, George

EWART, William (1798-1869),
Reformer, lived here. First erected at 6 Cambridge Square, Paddington in 1952 and removed in 1962.
16 Eaton Place, SW1
Westminster 1963

EWART, William
See BEARD, John

the site of 17 Osnaburgh Street where the FABIAN SOCIETY was founded in 1884.
The White House, Osnaburgh Street, NW1
Camden 1985

FARADAY, Michael,
Man of Science, apprentice here, b.1791, d.1867.
48 Blandford Street, W1
Westminster 1876

FAWCETT, Dame Millicent Garrett (1847-1929),
Pioneer of Women's Suffrage, lived and died here.
2 Gower Street, WC1
Camden 1954

FENTON, Roger (1819-1869),
Photographer, lived here.
2 Albert Terrace, Primrose Hill, NW1
Camden 1991

FENWICK, Ethel Gordon (1857-1947),
Nursing Reformer, lived here 1887-1924.
20 Upper Wimpole Street, W1
Westminster 1999

FERRIER, Kathleen (1912-1953),
Contralto, lived here.
97 Frognal, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1979



FIELDING, Henry (1707-1754),
Novelist, lived here.
Milbourne House, Barnes Green, SW13
Richmond Upon Thames 1978


FILDES, Sir Samuel Luke (1844-1927),
Artist, lived here 1878-1927.
31 Melbury Road, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1959

FISHER, Admiral of the Fleet, Lord, OM (1841-1920),
lived here as First Sea Lord 1905-1910.
16 Queen Anne's Gate, SW1
Westminster 1975

FITZROY, Admiral Robert (1805-1865),
Hydrographer and Meteorologist, lived here.
38 Onslow Square, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1981

FLANAGAN, Bud (1896-1968),
Comedian and Leader of the 'Crazy Gang', born here.
12 Hanbury Street, E1
Tower Hamlets 1996

Sculptor, lived and died here, b.1755, d.1826.
7 Greenwell Street, W1
Westminster 1876

FLECKER, James Elroy (1884-1915),
Poet and Dramatist, was born here.
9 Gilmore Road, SE13
Lewisham 1986

FLEMING, Sir Alexander (1881-1955),
Discoverer of penicillin, lived here.
20a Danvers Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1981

FLEMING, Sir Ambrose (1849-1945),
Scientist and Electrical Engineer, lived here.
9 Clifton Gardens, Maida Vale, W9
Westminster 1971

FLEMING, Ian (1908-1964),
Creator of James Bond, lived here.
22 Ebury Street, SW1
Westminster 1996

FLINDERS, Captain Matthew, RN (1774-1814),
Explorer and Navigator, lived here. This plaque was removed from No. 53 Stanhope Street, Camden in 1965 and re-erected at the present address in 1973.
56 Fitzroy Square, W1
Camden 1973

the first Flying Bomb on London fell here, 13 June 1944. Replaces plaque erected by GLC in 1985 and subsequently stolen.
Railway Bridge, Grove Road, Bow, E3
Tower Hamlets 1988

FORBES, Vivian
See RICKETTS, Charles

FORD, Ford Madox (1873-1939),
Novelist and Critic, lived here.
80 Campden Hill Road, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1973

FORESTER, C.S. (1899-1966),
Novelist, lived here.
58 Underhill Road, Dulwich, SE22
Southwark 1990

FORSTER, E.M. (1879-1970),
Novelist, lived here.
Arlington Park Mansions, Sutton Lane, Turnham Green, W4
Hounslow 1983

FORTUNE, Robert (1812-1880),
Plant Collector, lived here 1857-1880.
9 Gilston Road, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1998

FOSCOLO, Ugo (1778-1827),
Italian Poet and Patriot, lived here 1817-1818.
19 Edwardes Square, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1998

FOX, Charles James (1749-1806),
Statesman, lived here. Originally put up in 1912 on 9 Arlington Street, now demolished.
46 Clarges Street, W1
Westminster 1950

FRAMPTON, George (1860-1928),
Sculptor, lived and worked here 1894-1908.
32 Queen's Grove, St John's Wood, NW8
Westminster 1977

FRANKLIN, Benjamin (1706-1790),
American Statesman and Scientist, lived here.
36 Craven Street, WC2
Westminster 1914

FRANKLIN, Rosalind (1920-1958)
Pioneer of the study of molecular structures including DNA lived here 1951-1958.
Donovan Court, Drayton Gardens, Fulham, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1992

FREAKE, Sir Charles James (1814-1884),
Builder and Patron of the Arts, lived here.
21 Cromwell Road, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1981

FREUD, Sigmund (1856-1939),
Founder of Psychoanalysis, lived here in 1938-1939. Open to the public.
20 Maresfield Gardens, NW3
Camden 1956

FRIESE-GREENE, William Edward (1855-1921),
Pioneer of Cinematography, lived here.
136 Maida Vale, W9
Westminster 1954

FRITH, W.P. (1819-1909),
Painter, lived and died here.
114 Clifton Hill, NW8
Westminster 1973


FROUDE, James Anthony (1818-1894),
Historian and Man of Letters, lived here.
5 Onslow Gardens, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1934

FUSELI, Henry (1741-1825),
Artist, lived here 1788-1803.
37 Foley Street, W1
Westminster 1961

GAGE, Thomas (1721-1787),
Commander of British Forces in North America, lived here.
41 Portland Place, W1
Westminster 1996

GAINSBOROUGH, Thomas (1727-1788),
Artist, lived here. Replaces plaque up in 1881 by RSA at No. 80.
82 Pall Mall, SW1
Westminster 1951

GAITSKELL, Hugh (1906-1963),
Statesman, lived here.
18 Frognal Gardens, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1986

See also ADAM, Robert

GALSWORTHY, John (1867-1933),
Novelist and Playwright, lived here 1918-1933.
Grove Lodge, Admiral's Walk, NW3
Camden 1950

GALTON, Sir Francis (1822-1911),
Explorer, Statistician, and Founder of Eugenics, lived here for fifty years. Put up privately and taken over by the LCC in 1959.
42 Rutland Gate, SW7
Westminster 1959

GANDHI, Mahatma (1869-1948),
Philosopher and Teacher, stayed here in 1931.
Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, E3
Tower Hamlets 1954

GANDHI, Mahatma (1869-1948),
lived here as a law student.
20 Baron's Court Road, W14
Hammersmith and Fulham 1986

GARRETT ANDERSON, Elizabeth (1836-1917),
the first woman to qualify as a Doctor in Britain, lived here.
20 Upper Berkeley Street, W1
Westminster 1962

GARRETT, Millicent


GARRICK, David (1717-1779),
Actor, lived here.
Garrick's Villa, Hampton Court Road,
Richmond-upon-Thames 1970

GARTHWAITE, Anna Maria (1690-1763),
Designer of Spitalfields Silks, lived and worked here.
2 Princelet Street, Spitalfields, E1
Tower Hamlets 1998

GASKELL, Mrs Elizabeth Cleghorn (1810-1865),
Novelist, born here.
93 Cheyne Walk, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1913

GAUDIER-BRZESKA, Henri (1891-1915),
Sculptor and Artist, lived here.
454 Fulham Road, SW6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1977

GERTLER, Mark (1891-1939),
Painter, lived here.
32 Elder Street, E1
Tower Hamlets 1975

GIBBON, Edward (1737-1792),
Historian, lived in a house on this site 1773-1783.
7 Bentinck Street, W1
Westminster 1964

GIBBONS, Grinling

GILBERT, Sir W.S. (William Schwenck) (1836-1911),
Dramatist, lived here.
39 Harrington Gardens, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1929

GILLIES, Sir Harold (1882-1960),
Pioneer Plastic Surgeon, lived here.
71 Frognal, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1997

GISSING, George (1857-1903),
Novelist, lived here 1882-1884.
33 Oakley Gardens, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1975

See also PITT, William, Earl of Chatham

GLADSTONE, W.E. (William Ewart).
In a house on this site lived from 1854 to 1875 Sir Charles LEYELL (1797-1875, Geologist, and from 1876-1882 W.E. GLADSTONE (1809-1898), Statesman.
73 Harley Street, W1
Westminster 1908

GLADSTONE, William Ewart (1809-1898),
Statesman, lived here.
11 Carlton House Terrace, SW1
Westminster 1925

GLAISHER, James (1809-1903),
Astronomer, Meteorologist and Pioneer of weather forecasting, lived here.
20 Dartmouth Hill, SE10
Lewisham 1974

GODLEY, John Robert (1814-1861),
founder of Canterbury, New Zealand, lived and died here.
48 Gloucester Place, W1
Westminster 1951

GODWIN, George (1813-1888),
Architect, Journalist and Social Reformer, lived here.
24 Alexander Square, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1969

See Lind, Jenny

GOODALL, Frederick
This house, designed by SHAW, R. Norman, Architect for Frederick GOODALL, Painter, was later the home of W.S. Gilbert, Writer and Librettist.
Grims Dyke, Old Redding, Harrow Weald.
Harrow 1976


This was the home of the GOOSSENS family of musicians, 1912-1927
70 Edith Road, West Kensington, W14
Hammersmith & Fulham 1999

GOSSE, Philip Henry.
Here lived Philip Henry GOSSE (1810-1888), Zoologist; and Sir Edmund GOSSE (1849-1928), Writer and Critic, born here.
56 Mortimer Road, N1
Hackney 1983

GOUNOD, Charles (1818-1893),
Composer, stayed here in 1870.
15 Morden Road, Blackheath, SE3
Greenwich 1961

later Crown Film Unit Pioneers of documentary film making had their studios here 1933-1943.
47 Bennett Park, Blackheath, SE3
Greenwich 2000

GRACE, W.G. (1848-1915),
Cricketer, lived here. This plaque wass originally erected at 7 Lawrie Park Road, Lewisham in 1963 and removed from there in 1964.
'Fairmount', Mottingham Lane, SE9
Bromley 1966

GRAHAME, Kenneth (1859-1932),
Author of 'Wind in the Willows', lived here 1901-1908.
16 Phillimore Place, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1959

GRAINGER, Percy (1882-1961),
Australian Composer, Folklorist and Pianist, lived here.
31 King's Road, Chelsea, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1988

GRAVES, Robert (1895-1985),
Writer, was born here.
1 Lauriston Road, Wimbledon, SW19
Merton 1995

GRAY, Henry (1827-1861),
Anatomist, lived here.
8 Wilton Street, SW1
Westminster 1947

Launched 1858. Largest steamship of the century, was built here by I.K. (Isambard Kingdom) BRUNEL (1806-1859), Civil Engineer and J. (John) Scott RUSSELL (1808-1882), Naval Architect. (Re-erection of LCC plaque removed in 1974)
Burrells Wharf, 262 West Ferry Road, E14
Tower Hamlets 1954


GREATHEAD, James Henry (1844-1896),
Railway and Tunnelling Engineer, lived here 1885-1889.
3 St Mary's Grove, Barnes, SW13
Richmond Upon Thames 2000

GREAVES, Walter (1846-1930),
Artist, lived here 1855-1897.
104 Cheyne Walk, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1973

GREEN, John Richard (1837-1883),
Historian of the English people, lived here. Plaque fixed 1909. Premises rebuilt and plaque refixed, 1925. Plaque replaced by new one on same building in 1964.
4 Beaumont Street, W1
Westminster 1909

GREEN, John Richard (1837-1883),
Historian of the English people, lived here 1866-1869.
St Philip's Vicarage, Newark Street, E1
Tower Hamlets 1910

GREENAWAY, Kate (1846-1901),
Artist, lived and died here.
39 Frognal, NW3
Camden 1949

GREET, Sir Philip Ben (1857-1936),
Actor-Manager, lived here 1920-1936.
160 Lambeth Road, SE1
Lambeth 1961

GRESLEY, Sir Nigel (1876-1941),
Locomotive Engineer, had his office in this station 1923-1941. West Offices, King's Cross Station (facing Great Northern
Hotel), Pancras Road/ Euston Road, N1
Camden 1997

GREY, Sir Edward, Viscount Grey of Falloden (1862-1933),
Foreign Secretary, lived here.
3 Queen Anne's Gate, SW1
Westminster 1981

GRIMALDI, Joseph (1778-1837),
Clown, lived here 1818-1828.
56 Exmouth Market, EC1
Islington 1989

GROOM, John (1845-1919),
Philanthropist who founded workshops for disabled girls nearby, lived here.
8 Sekforde Street, Clerkenwell, EC1
Islington 1997

GROSER, Reverend St. John (1890-1966),
Priest and Social Reformer, lived here.
Royal Foundation of St Katherine, 2 Butcher Row, E14
Tower Hamlets 1990

GROSSMITH, George, Junior (1874-1935),
Actor Manager, lived here.
3 Spanish Place, W1
Westminster 1963

GROSSMITH, George, Senior (1847-1912),
Actor and Author, lived here.
28 Dorset Square, NW1
Westminster 1963

GROTE, George (1794-1871),
Historian, died here.
12 Savile Row, W1
Westminster 1905

HAGGARD, Sir Henry Rider (1856-1925),
Novelist, lived here 1885-1888.
69 Gunterstone Road, W14
Hammersmith and Fulham 1977

HALDANE, Lord (1856-1928),
Statesman, Lawyer and Philosopher, lived here.
28 Queen Anne's Gate, SW1
Westminster 1954

HALL, Radclyffe (1880-1943),
Novelist and Poet, lived here 1924-1929
37 Holland Street, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1992

HALLAM, HENRY (1777-1859),
Historian, lived here.
67 Wimpole Street, W1
Westminster 1904

HAMMOND, J.L. and Barbara,
Social Historians, lived here 1906-1913.
'Hollycot', Vale of Health, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1972

HANDEL, George Frederick (1685-1759),
Musician, lived and died here. Replaces plaque put up in 1875 by RSA.
25 Brook Street, W1
Westminster 1952

HANDLEY, Tommy (1892-1949),
Radio Comedian, lived here.
34 Craven Road, Paddington, W2
Westminster 1980

HANSOM, Joseph Aloysius (1803-1882),
Architect, Founder Editor of 'The Builder' and Inventor of the Hansom Cab, lived here.
27 Sumner Place, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1980

HARDY, Thomas

HARDY, Thomas (1840-1928),
Poet and Novelist, lived here 1878-1881. Plaque replaced by new one on same building in 1962.
172 Trinity Road, Tooting, SW17
Wandsworth 1940

HARLEY, Robert
See PEPYS, Samuel

HARMSWORTH, Alfred, Viscount Northcliffe (1865-1922),
Journalist and Newspaper Proprietor, lived here.
31 Pandora Road, West Hampstead, NW6
Camden 1979

HARRISON, John (1693-1776),
Inventor of the Marine Chronometer, lived and died in a house on this site.
Summit House, Red Lion Square, WC1
Camden 1954

HARTE, Francis Bret (1836-1902),
American Writer, lived here.
74 Lancaster Gate, W2
Westminster 1977

HAWKINS, Sir Anthony Hope (Anthony Hope) (1863-1933),
Novelist, lived here 1903-1917.
41 Bedford Square, WC1
Camden 1976

HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel (1804-1864),
American Author, stayed here in 1856.
4 Pond Road, Blackheath, SE3
Greenwich 1953

HAY, Will (1888-1949),
Comic Actor and Astronomer lived here 1927-1934.
45 The Chase, Norbury, SW16
Croydon 2000

HAYDON, Benjamin Robert (1786-1846),
Painter, and John Charles Felix ROSSI, (1762-1839), Sculptor, lived here.
116 Lissom Grove, NW1
Westminster 1959

HAZLITT, William (1778-1830),
Essayist, died here.
6 Frith Street, W1
Westminster 1905

HEATH ROBINSON, W. (1872-1944),
Illustrator and Comic Artist, lived here.
75 Moss Lane, Pinner
Harrow 1976

HEINE, Heinrich (1799-1856),
German Poet and Essayist, lived here 1827.
32 Craven Street, WC2
Westminster 1912

HENDERSON, Arthur (1863-1935),
Statesman, lived here.
13 Rodenhurst Road, Clapham, SW4
Lambeth 1980

HENDRIX, Jimi (1942-1970),
Guitarist and Songwriter, lived here 1968-1969.
23 Brook Street, Mayfair, W1
Westminster 1997

HENTY, G.A. (George Alfred) (1832-1902),
Author, lived here.
33 Lavender Gardens, SW11
Wandsworth 1953

HERBERT, Sir Alan (A.PH) (1890-1971),
Author, Humourist and Reformist M.P. lived and died here.
12 Hammersmith Terrace, Hammersmith, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1990

HERFORD, Robert Travers (1860-1950),
Unitarian Minister, Scholar, and Interpreter of Judaism, lived and worked here. Open to the public
Dr William's Library, 14 Gordon Square, WC1
Camden 1990

HERZEN, Alexander (1812-1870),
Russian Political Thinker, lived here 1860-1863.
1 Orsett Terrace, W2
Westminster 1970

HESELTINE, Philip Arnold
See WARLOCK, Peter

HESS, Dame Myra (1890-1965),
Pianist, lived here.
48 Wildwood Road, NW11
Barnet 1987

HILL, Octavia (1838-1912),
Housing Reformer, Co-founder of The National Trust, began her work here.
2 Garbutt Place, Marylebone, W1
Westminster 1991

HILL, Sir Rowland (1795-1879),
Postal Reformer, lived here.
1 Orme Square, W2
Westminster 1907

HILL, Sir Rowland, KCB,
Originator of the Penny Post, lived here in 1849-1879. Born 1795. Died 1879. The above plaque was first erected by the Royal Society of Arts in 1892 and moved to its present location in May 1978.
Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1978

HILTON, James (1900-1954),
Novelist and Scriptwriter, lived here.
42 Oakhill Gardens, Woodford Green
Waltham Forest 1997

HITCHCOCK, Sir Alfred (1899-1980),
Film Director, lived here 1926-1939.
153 Cromwell Road, SW5
Kensington and Chelsea 1999

HOBBS, Jack (1882-1963),
Cricketer, lived here.
17 Englewood Road, SW12
Lambeth 1986

HODGKIN, Thomas (1798-1866),
Physician, Reformer and Philanthropist, lived here.
35 Bedford Square, WC1
Camden 1985

HOFMANN, A.W. (1818-1892),
Professor of Chemistry, lived here.
9 Fitzroy Square, W1
Camden 1995

HOGG, Quintin (1845-1903),
Founder of the Polytechnic, Regent Street, lived here 1885-1898.
5 Cavendish Square, W1
Westminster 1965

HOLMAN-HUNT, William, OM (1827-1910),
Painter, lived and died here.
18 Melbury Road, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1923

HOLTBY, Winifred,

HOOD, Thomas
See also ADAM, Robert

HOOD, Thomas (1799-1845),
Poet, died here.
Devonshire Lodge, 28 Finchley Road, NW8
Westminster 1912

HOPKINS, Gerard Manley (1844-1889),
Poet, lived and studied in Manresa House. Gatepost at Manresa House, Holybourne Avenue, Roehampton,
Wandsworth 1979

HORE-BELISHA, Lord (1893-1957),
Statesman, lived here.
16 Stafford Place, SW1
Westminster 1980

HORNIMAN, John (1803-1893),
And Frederick John HORNIMAN (1835-1906), Tea Merchants, Collectors and Public Benefactors, lived here.
Coombe Cliff Centre, Coombe Road, Croydon
Croydon 1988

Were given to the people of London in 1901 by Frederick John Horniman, who lived near this site.
The Horniman Museum, London Road, SE23
Lewisham 1985

HOUSMAN, A.E. (1859-1936),
Poet and Scholar, wrote 'A Shropshire Lad' while living here.
17 North Road, Highgate, N6
Haringey 1969

HOWARD, Ebenezer (1850-1928),
Pioneer of the Garden City Movement, lived here
50 Durley Road, Stamford Hill, N16
Hackney 1991

HOWARD, John (1726?-1790),
Prison Reformer, lived here.
23 Great Ormond Street, WC1
Camden 1908

HUDSON, W.H. (William Henry)
With view of 'The House where I was born in the South American Pampas?.' Hudsons's friends' Society of Quilmes, near Buenos Aires, where the great writer was born on August 4th 1841, and where he spent his youth, has placed this bronze plaque at 40 St Luke's Road, London, the house in which Hudson lived his last years, and died on August 18th, 1922.
40 St Luke's Road, W11
Kensington and Chelsea 1938

HUGHES, Arthur (1832-1915),
Pre-Raphaelite Painter, lived and died here.
Eastside House, 22 Kew Green, Richmond
Richmond Upon Thames 1993

HUGHES, David Edward (1831-1900),
Scientist and Inventor of the microphone, lived and worked here.
94 Great Portland Street, W1
Westminster 1991

HUGHES, Hugh Price (1847-1902),
Methodist Preacher, lived and died here.
8 Taviton Street, WC1
Camden 1989

HUGHES, Mary (1860-1941),
Friend of all in need, lived and worked here 1926-1941.
71 Vallance Road, E2
Tower Hamlets 1961

HUNT, James Henry, Leigh (1784-1859),
Essayist and Poet, lived here.
22 Upper Cheyne Row, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1905

HUNTER, John (1728-1793),
Surgeon, lived here. Plaque fixed, 1907. Premises rebuilt and plaque refixed 1931.
31 Golden Square, W1
Westminster 1907

HUNTER, William.
This was the home and museum of Dr William Hunter, Anatomist (1718-1783).
Lyric Theatre (rear portion), Great Windmill Street, W1
Westminster 1952

HUSKISSON, William (1770-1830),
Statesman, lived here.
28 St James's Place, SW1
Westminster 1962

HUTCHINSON, Sir Jonathan (1828-1913),
Surgeon, Scientist and Teacher, lived here.
15 Cavendish Square, W1
Westminster 1981

HUXLEY, Leonard (1860-1933),
HUXLEY, Julian (1887-1975), HUXLEY, Aldous (1894-1963), Men of Science and Letters, lived here.
16 Bracknell Gardens, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1995

HUXLEY, Thomas Henry (1825-1895),
Biologist, lived here.
38 Marlborough Place, NW8
Westminster 1910

HYNDMAN, Henry Mayers (1842-1921),
Socialist Leader, lived and died here.
13 Well Walk, NW3
Camden 1972

The home of Inner London's Education Service from 1922; ILEA succeeding the London School Board (1870-1904) and the LCC (1904-1965).
Main Entrance, County Hall, SE1
Lambeth 1986

INNES, John (1829-1904),
Founder of the John Innes Horticultural Institute, lived here.
Manor House, Watery Lane, SW20
Merton 1978

IRELAND, John (1879-1962),
Composer, lived here.
14 Gunter Grove, SW10
Kensington & Chelsea 1996

IRVING, Edward (1792-1834),
Founder of the Catholic Apostolic Church, lived here.
4 Claremont Square, Islington, N1
Islington 1982

IRVING, Sir Henry (1838-1905),
Actor, lived here 1872-1899.
15a Grafton Street, W1
Westminster 1950

IRVING, Washington (1783-1859),
American Writer, lived here.
8 Argyll Street, W1
Westminster 1983

ISAACS, Rufus, 1st Marquess of Reading (1860-1935),
Lawyer and Statesman, lived and died here.
32 Curzon Street, W1
Westminster 1971

JACKSON, John Hughlings (1835-1911),
Physican, lived here.
3 Manchester Square, W1
Westminster 1932

JACOBS, W.W. (1863-1943),
Author, lived here. 15 Gloucester Gate (Albany Street frontage), Regent's Park,
Camden 1998

JAGGER, Charles Sargeant (1885-1934),
Sculptor, lived and died here.
67 Albert Bridge Road, Battersea, SW11
Wandsworth 2000

JAMES, Henry (1843-1916),
Writer, lived here 1886-1902.
34 De Vere Gardens, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1949

JEFFERIES, Richard (1848-1887),
Naturalist and Writer, lived here.
59 Footscray Road, Eltham, SE29
Greenwich 1986

JELLICOE, Admiral of the Fleet, Earl, OM (1859-1935),
lived here.
25 Draycott Place, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1975

JEROME, Jerome K. (1859-1927),
Author, wrote 'Three Men in a Boat' while living here at Flat 104.
91-104 Chelsea Gardens, Chelsea Bridge Road, SW1
Westminster 1989

JINNAH, Mohammed Ali (Quaid I Azam) (1876-1948),
Founder of Pakistan, stayed here in 1895.
35 Russell Road, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1955

JOHN, Augustus.
This house was built for AUGUSTUS JOHN (1878-1961), Painter.
28 Mallord Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1981

JOHNSON, Amy (1903-1941),
Aviator, lived here.
Vernon Court, Hendon Way, NW2
Barnet 1987

JOHNSON, Dr Samuel

JOHNSON, Samuel (1709-1784),
In this house, occupied by Thomas DAVIES, Bookseller, Dr Samuel JOHNSON first met James BOSWELL in 1763.
8 Russell Street, Covent Garden, WC2
Westminster 1984

JOHNSTON, Edward (1872-1944),
Master Calligrapher, lived here 1905-1912.
3 Hammersmith Terrace, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1977

JONES, Dr Ernest (1879-1958),
Pioneer Psychoanalyst, lived here.
19 York Terrace East, Regents Park, NW1
Westminster 1985

JORDAN, Mrs Dorothy (née Bland) (1762-1816),
Actress, lived here.
30 Cadogan Place, SW1
Kensington and Chelsea 1975

JOYCE, James (1882-1941),

Author, lived here in 1931
28 Campden Grove, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1994

KALVOS, Andreas (1792-1869),
Greek Poet and Patriot, lived here.
182 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale, W9
Westminster 1998

KARLOFF, BORIS, (alias for) PRATT, William Henry,
(1887-1969), Actor, was born here.
36 Forest Hill Road, East Dulwich, SE22
Southwark 1998

KARSAVINA, Tamara (1885-1978),
Ballerina, lived here.
108 Frognal, NW3
Camden 1987

KEATS, John,
Poet, lived in this house, b.1795, d.1821. Open to the public. 'Keats' House' (Wentworth Place), Keats Grove, Hampstead,
Camden 1896

KEDLESTON, Marquess of
See CURZON, George Nathaniel

KELLY, Sir Gerald (1879-1972),
Portrait Painter, lived here 1916-1972
117 Gloucester Place, W1
Westminster 1993

KELVIN, Lord (1824-1907),
Physicist and Inventor, lived here.
15 Eaton Place, SW1
Westminster 1996

KEMPE, Charles Eamer (1837-1907),
Stained Glass Artist, lived and worked here.
37 Nottingham Place, W1
Westminster 1994

KEYNES, John Maynard (1883-1946),
Economist, lived here 1916-1946.
46 Gordon Square, Bloomsbury, WC1
Camden 1975

KHAN, Sir Syed Ahmed (1817-1898),
Muslim Reformer and Scholar, lived here 1869-1870.
21 Mecklenburgh Square, WC1
Camden 1997

KINGSLEY, Charles (1819-1875),
Writer, lived here.
56 Old Church Street, Chelsea, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1979

KINGSLEY, Mary (1862-1900),
Traveller and Ethnologist, lived here as a child.
22 Southwood Lane, N6
Haringey 1975

KIPLING, Rudyard (1865-1936),
Poet and Story Writer, lived here 1889-1891. Replaces plaque put up in 1940.
43 Villiers Street, WC2
Westminster 1957

KITCHENER of Khartoum, Field Marshal Earl, KG (1850-1916),
lived here 1914-1915.
2 Carlton Gardens, SW1
Westminster 1924

KLEIN, Melanie (1882-1960),
Psychoanalyst and Pioneer of child analysis, lived here.
42 Clifton Hill, NW8
Westminster 1985

KNEE, Fred (1868-1914),
London Labour Party Pioneer and Housing Reformer, lived here.
24 Sugden Road, SW11
Wandsworth 1986

KNIGHT, Dame Laura (1877-1970),
and Harold KNIGHT (1874-1961), Painters, lived here.
16 Langford Place, St John's Wood, NW8
Westminster 1983

KOKOSCHKA, Oskar (1886-1980),
Painter, lived here.
Eyre Court, Finchley Road, NW8
Westminster 1986

KOSSUTH, Louis (1802-1894),
Hungarian Patriot, stayed here.
39 Chepstow Villas, W11
Kensington and Chelsea 1959

KROPOTKIN, Prince Peter (1842-1921),
Theorist of Anarchism, lived here.
6 Crescent Road
Bromley 1989

LABOUCHERE, Henry (1831-1912),
Radical MP and Journalist, lived here 1881-1903. St James Independent School for Boys, Pope's Villa, 19
Cross Deep, Twickenham
Richmond Upon Thames 2000

Site of the Congregational Memorial Hall; the LABOUR PARTY was founded here, 27th February 1900.
Caroone House, Farringdon Street, EC4
City 1985

LAMB, Charles (1775-1834) and
LAMB, Mary (1764-1847) Writers, lived here.
Lamb's Cottage, Church Street, Edmonton, N9
Enfield 1999

LAMB, Charles 'Elia' (1775-1834),
Essayist, lived here.
64 Duncan Terrace, N1
Islington 1907

LAMBERT, Constant (1905-1951),
Composer, lived here 1947-1951.
197 Albany Street, Regent's Park, NW1
Camden 1997

LANG, Andrew (1844-1912),
Man of Letters, lived here in 1876-1912.
1 Marloes Road, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1959

LANGTRY, Lillie (1852-1929),
Actress, lived here.
Cadogan Hotel, 21 Pont Street, SW1
Kensington and Chelsea 1980

LASKI, Harold (1893-1950),
Teacher and Political Philosopher, lived here 1926-1950.
5 Addison Bridge Place, W14
Hammersmith and Fulham 1974

LAUDER, Sir Harry (1870-1950),
Music Hall Artist, lived here 1903-1911.
46 Longley Road, Tooting, SW17
Wandsworth 1969

LAUGHTON, Charles (1899-1962),
Actor, lived here 1928-1931
15 Percy Street, W1
Camden 1992

LAVERY, Sir John (1856-1941),
Painter, lived here 1899-1940.
5 Cromwell Place, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1966

LAWRENCE, David Herbert (1885-1930),
Novelist and Poet, lived here in 1915.
1 Byron Villas, Vale of Health, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1969

LAWRENCE, Susan (1871-1947),
Social Reformer, lived here.
44 Westbourne Terrace, W2
Westminster 1987

LAWRENCE, T.E. (1888-1935),
'Lawrence of Arabia', lived here.
14 Barton Street, SW1
Westminster 1966

LEAR, Edward (1812-1888),
Artist and Writer, lived here.
30 Seymour Street, W1
Westminster 1960

LECKY, W.E.H. (William Edward Hartpole) (1838-1903),
Historian and Essayist, lived and died here.
38 Onslow Gardens, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1955

LEIGH, Vivien (1913-1967),
Actress, lived here.
54 Eaton Square, SW1
Westminster 1996

LEIGHTON, Frederick, Lord (1830-1896),
Painter, lived and died here. Open to the public,
Leighton House, 12 Holland Park Road, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1958

LENO, Dan (1860-1904),
Music Hall Comedian, lived here 1898-1901.
56 Akerman Road, SW9
Lambeth 1962

LETHABY, William Richard (1857-1931),
Architect and First Principal of this School in 1896 to 1911.
Central School of Arts and Crafts, Southampton Row, WC1
Camden 1957

LETHABY, William Richard (1857-1931),
Architect, lived here 1880-1891.
20 Calthorpe Street, WC1
Camden 1979

LEWIS, Percy Wyndham (1882-1957),
Painter, lived here.
61 Palace Gardens Terrace, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1983

LEYBOURNE, George (1842-1884),
Music Hall Comedian 'Champagne Charlie', lived and died here.
136 Englefield Road, N1
Islington 1970

LIND, Jenny (Madame Goldschmidt) (1820-1887),
Singer, lived here.
189 Old Brompton Road, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1909

LINDSEY, Rev. Theophilus

See BANKS, Sir Joseph

LINNELL, John (1792-1882),
Painter, lived here. BLAKE, William (1757-1827), Poet and Artist, stayed here as his guest.
'Old Wyldes', North End, Hampstead, NW3
Barnet 1975

LISTER, Joseph, Lord (1827-1912),
Surgeon, lived here.
12 Park Crescent, W1
Westminster 1915

See RELPH, Harry

LLOYD GEORGE, David, Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor
Prime Minister, lived here
Replacement for GLC plaque erected in 1967
3 Routh Road, Wandsworth Common, SW18
Wandsworth 1992

LLOYD, Marie (1870-1922),
Music Hall Artiste, lived here.
55 Graham Road, E8
Hackney 1977


LOUDON, John Claudius.
Here lived John and Jane Loudon (1783-1843), and (1807-1858). Their horticultural work gave new beauty to London squares.
3 Porchester Terrace, W2
Westminster 1953

LOVELACE, Ada, Countess of (1815-1852),
Pioneer of Computing, lived here.
12 St James's Square, SW1
Westminster 1992

LOW, Sir David (1891-1963),
Cartoonist, lived here at No. 33 Melbury Court, Kensington High Street, W8 (next to
Commonwealth Institute)
Kensington and Chelsea 1991

See AVEBURY, Baron

LUCAN, Arthur (Arthur Towle) (1887-1954),
Entertainer and Creator of Old Mother Riley, lived here.
11 Forty Lane, Wembley
Brent 1978

LUGARD, Lord (1858-1945),
Colonial Administrator, lived here 1912-1919.
51 Rutland Gate, Hyde Park, SW7
Westminster 1972

LUTYENS, Sir Edwin Landseer

LYELL, Sir Charles,

MACAULAY, Rose (1881-1958),
Writer, lived and died here.
Hinde House, 11-14 Hinde Street, W1
Westminster 1996

MACAULAY, Thomas Babington, Lord (1800-1859),
Historian and Man of Letters, lived here. This tablet was first erected by the London County Council in 1903 on Holly Lodge which stood on this site. It was re-erected here in 1969. Holly Lodge (now Atkins Buildings, Queen Elizabeth
College), Campden Hill, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1903

MACAULAY, Zachary (1768-1838),
Philanthropist, and his son, Thomas Babington MACAULAY, afterwards Lord MACAULAY (1800-1859) Historian and Man of letters, lived here.
5 The Pavement, Clapham Common, SW4
Lambeth 1930

MACDONALD, Ramsay (1866-1937),
Prime Minister, lived here 1916-1925.
9 Howitt Road, NW3
Camden 1963

MACKLIN, Charles

MACMILLAN, Douglas (1884-1969),
Founder of Macmillan Cancer Relief, lived here.
15 Ranelagh Road, Pimlico, SW1
Westminster 1997

MACNEICE, Louis (1907-1963),
Poet, lived here 1947-1952.
52 Canonbury Park South, Islington, N1
Islington 1996

MADOX BROWN, Ford (1821-1893),
Painter, lived here.
56 Fortess Road, Kentish Town, NW5
Camden 1976

MALLARME, Stephene (1842-1898),
Poet, stayed here in 1863.
6 Brompton Square, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1959

MALLON, Dr Jimmy, CH (1874-1961),
Warden of Toynbee Hall, Champion of Social Reform, lived here.
Toynbee Hall, Commercial Street, E1
Tower Hamlets 1984

MALONE, Edmond (1741-1812),
Shakespearian Scholar, lived here 1779-1812.
40 Langham Street, W1
Westminster 1962

MANBY, Charles (1804-1884),
Civil Engnieer, lived here.
60 Westbourne Terrace, W2
Westminster 1961

MANNING, Cardinal Henry Edward (1808-1892),
lived here.
22 Carlisle Place, SW1
Westminster 1914

MANSBRIDGE, Albert (1876-1952),
Founder of the Workers' Educational Association, lived here.
198 Windsor Road, Ilford
Redbridge 1967

MANSFIELD, Katherine (1888-1923),
Writer, and her husband, John Middleton MURRY (1889-1957), Critic, lived here.
17 East Heath Road, NW3
Camden 1969

MANSON, Sir Patrick (1844-1922),
Father of modern tropical medicine, lived here.
50 Welbeck Street, W1
Westminster 1985

MARCONI, Guglielmo (1874-1937),
the Pioneer of wireless communications, lived here in 1896-1897. Replaces plaque put up in 1952.
71 Hereford Road, W2
Westminster 1954

MARRYAT, Captain Frederick (1792-1848),
Novelist, lived here.
3 Spanish Place, W1
Westminster 1953

MARSDEN, William (1796-1867),
Surgeon, founder of the Royal Free and Royal Marsden Hospitals, lived here.
65 Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC2
Camden 1986

MARX, Karl (1818-1883),
lived here 1851-1856.
28 Dean Street, W1
Westminster 1967

MATTHAY, Tobias (1858-1945),
Teacher and Pianist, lived here.
21 Arkwright Road, NW3
Camden 1979

MAUGHAM, William Somerset (1874-1965),
Novelist and Playwright, lived here 1911-1919.
6 Chesterfield Street, W1
Westminster 1975

MAURICE, Frederick Denison (1805-1872),
Christian Philosopher and Educationalist, lived here 1862-1866.
2 Upper Harley Street, NW1
Westminster 1977

MAXIM, Sir Hiram (1840-1896),
Inventor and Engineer, designed and manufactured THE MAXIM GUN in a workshop on these premises.
57d Hatton Garden, EC1
Camden 1966

MAXWELL, James Clerk (1831-1879),
Physicist, lived here.
16 Palace Gardens Terrace, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1923

MAY, Phil (1864-1903),
Artist, lived and worked here.
20 Holland Park Road, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1982

MAYER, Sir Robert (1879-1985),
Philanthropist and Patron of Music, lived here in flat No. 31.
2 Mansfield Street, W1
Westminster 1997

MAYHEW, Henry (1812-1887),
Founder of 'Punch' and author of 'London Labour and the London Poor', lived here.
55 Albany Street, NW1
Camden 1953

MAZZINI, Giuseppe (1805-1872),
Italian Patriot, lived here.
183 Gower Street, NW1
Camden 1950

McGILL, Donald (1875-1962),
Postcard Cartoonist, lived here.
5 Bennett Park, Blackheath, SE3
Greenwich 1977

McINDOE, Sir Archibald (1900-1960),
Reconstructive surgeon lived here in Flat 14.
Avenue Court, Draycott Avenue, SW3
English Heritage 2000

McMILLAN, The Rachael McMillan College (1930-1977),
Margaret McMillan, CH (1860-1931), Pioneer of nursery education, lived here.
Creek Road, Deptford, SE8
Greenwich 1985

MEE, Arthur (1875-1943),
Journalist, Author and Topographer, lived here.
27 Lanercost Road, Tulse Hill, SW2
Lambeth 1991

MELBA, Dame Nellie (1861-1931)
Operatic Soprana resided here in 1906. Coombe House, Devey Close, (off Beverley Lane), Kingston
upon Thames
Kingston upon Thames 2000

MEREDITH, George, OM (1828-1909),
Poet and Novelist, lived here.
7 Hobury Street, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1976

METTERNICH, Prince (1773-1859),
Austrian Statesman, lived here in 1848.
44 Eaton Square
Westminster 1970

MEYNELL, Alice (1847-1922),
Poet and Essayist, lived here.
47 Palace Court, W2
Westminster 1948

MILL, John Stuart (1806-1873),
Philosopher, lived here.
18 Kensington Square, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1907

MILLAIS, Sir John Everett, Bt PRA (1829-1896),
Painter, lived and died here.
2 Palace Gate, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1926

Near this site stood Millbank Prison, which was opened in 1816 and closed in 1890. This buttress stood at the head of the river steps from which, until 1867, prisoners sentenced to transportation embarked on their journey to Australia.
Millbank, SW1
Westminster 1965

MILNE, A.A. (1882-1956),
Author, lived here.
13 Mallord Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1979

MILNER, Alfred, Lord (1854-1925),
Statesman, lived here.
14 Manchester Square, W1
Westminster 1967 MITFORD, Nancy (1904-1973), Writer, worked here 1942-1945.
Heywood Hill's bookshop, 10 Curzon Street, Mayfair, W1
Westminster 1999

MONDRIAN, Piet Cornelis (1872-1944),
Painter, lived here.
60 Parkhill Road, NW3
Camden 1975

MONTEFIORE, Sir Moses (1784-1885),
Philanthropist and Jewish Leader, lived here for sixty years.
99 Park Lane, W1
Westminster 1984

MONTGOMERY, Field Marshal, Viscount, of Alamein
(1887-1976), was born here.
Oval House, 52-54 Kennington Oval, SE11
Lambeth 1987

MOODY, Dr Harold (1882-1847),
Campaigner for Racial Equality, lived and worked here.
164 Queen's Road, Peckham, SE15
Southwark 1995

MOORE, George (1852-1933),
Author, lived and died here.
121 Ebury Street, SW1
Westminster 1936

MOORE, Tom (1779-1852),
Irish Poet, lived here. This plaque was removed from 28 Bury Street, St James's Westminster in 1962.
85 George Street, W1
Westminster 1963

MORGAN, Charles (1894-1958),
Novelist and Critic, lived and died here.
16 Campden Hill Square, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1992

MORRELL, Lady Ottoline (1873-1938),
Literary Hostess and Patron of the Arts, lived here.
10 Gower Street, WC1
Westminster 1984

MORRIS, William

MORRIS, William
See also RED HOUSE

MORRISON, Herbert, Lord Morrison of Lambeth (1888-1965),
Cabinet Minister and Leader of the London County Council, lived here 1929-1960.
55 Archery Road, Eltham, SE9
Greenwich 1977

MORSE, Samuel (1791-1872),
American Painter and Inventor of the Morse Code, lived here 1812-1815.
141 Cleveland Street, W1
Westminster 1962

MOUNTBATTEN, Earl of Burma (1900-1979) and Countess of
Burma (1901-1960) Last Viceroy and Vicereine of India lived here.
2 Wilton Crescent, SW1
Westminster 2000

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791),
composed his first symphony here in 1764.
180 Ebury Street, SW1
Westminster 1939

MUIRHEAD, Alexander (1848-1920),
Electrical Engineer, lived here.
20 Church Road, Shortlands
Bromley 1981

MURRY, John Middleton
See MANSFIELD, Katherine

MYERS, George (1803-1875),
Master Builder, lived here 1842-1853.
131 St George's Road, SE1
Southwark 1999

NAPOLEON III (1808-1873),
Emperor of the French, lived here 1848.
1c King Street, St James's, SW1
Westminster 1875

NASH, Paul (1889-1946),
Artist, lived in Flat 176 1914-1936. Queen Alexandra Mansions, Bidborough Street, King's Cross,
Camden 1991

NEHRU, Jawaharlal (1889-1964),
First Prime Minister of India, lived here in 1910 and 1912.
60 Elgin Crescent, W11
Kensington and Chelsea 1989

lived here in 1797. Born 1758, fell at Trafalgar 1805.
147 New Bond Street (site), W1
Westminster 1876

NELSON, Horatio, Lord (1758-1805),
lived here in 1798.
103 New Bond Street, W1
Westminster 1958

NEWBOLT, Sir Henry (1862-1938),
Poet, lived here.
29 Campden Hill Road, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1994

NEWMAN, John Henry
In this house John Henry NEWMAN (1801-1890), later Cardinal Newman, spent some of his early years.
Grey Court, Ham Street, Ham
Richmond Upon Thames 1981

NEWTON, Sir Isaac (1642-1727),
Natural Philosopher, lived here. Plaque fixed 1908. Premises rebuilt and plaque refixed, 1915.
87 Jermyn Street, SW1
Westminster 1908

NICHOLSON, Harold (1886-1968)
SACKVLLE-WEST, Vita (1892-1962), Writers and Gardeners, lived here.
182 Ebury Street, Belgravia, SW1
Westminster 1993

NIGHTINGALE, Florence (1820-1910),
Lived and died in a house on this site. New plaque on rebuilt premises. Original plaque erected by the Duke of Westminster and removed when the house was pulled down in 1929.
10 South Street, W1
Westminster 1955

NOEL-BAKER, Philip (1889-1982),
Olympic Sportsman, Campaigner for Peace and Disarmament, lived here.
16 South Eaton Place, Belgravia, SW1
Westminster 1992

NOLLEKENS, Joseph (1737-1823),
Sculptor, lived and died in a house on this site.
44 Mortimer Street, W1
Westminster 1954


NOVELLO, Ivor (1893-1951),
Composer and Actor-Manager, lived and died in a flat on the top floor of this building.
11 Aldwych, WC2
Westminster 1973

O'CASEY, Sean (1880-1964),
Playwright, lived here at flat No. 49 49 Overstrand Mansions, Prince of Wales Drive, Battesea
Park, SW11
Wandsworth 1993

O'HIGGINS, Bernardo (1778-1842),
General, Statesman and Liberator of Chile, lived and studied here.
Clarence House, 2 The Vineyard, Richmond
Richmond Upon Thames 1994

OLDFIELD, Ann (1683-1730),
Actress, first occupant of this house, 1725-1730.
60 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, W1
Westminster 1992

OLIVER, Percy Lane (1878-1944),
Founder of the first voluntary blood donor service, lived and worked here.
5 Colyton Road, SE22
Southwark 1979

ONSLOW, Arthur (1691-1768),
Speaker of the House of Commons from 1728 to 1761, lived in a house on this site. Replaces plaque put up in 1912 on building now demolished.
20 Soho Square, W1
Westminster 1927

ORFORD, Earl of
See WALPOLE, Sir Robert

ORPEN, Sir William (1878-1931),
Painter, lived here.
8 South Bolton Gardens, SW5
Kensington and Chelsea 1978

ORWELL, George (1903-1950),
Novelist and Political Essayist, lived here.
50 Lawford road, NW5
Camden 1980

ÖSTERBERG, Martina Bergman (1849-1915),
Pioneer of Physical Education for Women, lived and worked here.
1 Broadhurst Gardens, Hampstead, NW6
Camden 1999

OUIDA (Maria Louisa de la Ramée) (1839-1908),
Novelist, lived here.
11 Ravenscourt Square, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1952

OXFORD and ASQUITH, 1st Earl of

OXFORD, Earl of
See PEPYS, Samuel

PAGE, Sir Frederick Handley (1885-1962),
Aircraft Designer and Manufacturer, lived here in Flat 3.
18 Grosvenor Square, W1
Westminster 1999

PALGRAVE, Francis Turner (1824-1897),
Compiler of 'The Golden Treasury', lived here 1862-1875.
5 York Gate, Regent's Park, NW1
Westminster 1976

PALMER, Samuel (1805-1881),
Artist, lived here 1851-1861.
6 Douro Place, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1972

PALMERSTON, Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount (1784-1865),
Statesman, lived here. Plaque fixed 1907. Premises rebuilt 1933. Plaque refixed 1936.
4 Carlton Gardens, SW1
Westminster 1907

PALMERSTON, Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount (1784-1865),
Prime Minister, born here.
20 Queen Anne's Gate, SW1
Westminster 1925

PALMERSTON, Lord (1784-1865).
In this house formerly a Royal residence lived Lord Parlmerston, Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary.
Naval and Military Club, 94 Piccadilly, W1
Westminster 1961

PANKHURST, Sylvia (1882-1960),
Campaigner for Women's Rights, lived here.
120 Cheyne Walk, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1985

PARRY, Sir Charles Hubert (1848-1918),
Musician, lived here.
17 Kensington Square, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1949

See EDWARDS, John Passmore

PATEL, Sardar (1875-1950),
Indian Statesman, lived here.
23 Aldridge Road Villas, W11
Westminster 1986

PATMORE, Coventry (1823-1896),
Poet and Essayist, lived here 1863-1864.
14 Percy Street, W1
Camden 1960

PEABODY, George (1795-1869),
Philanthropist, died here.
80 Eaton Square, SW1
Westminster 1976

PEAKE, Mervyn (1911-1968),
Author and Artist, lived here 1960-1968.
1 Drayton Gardens, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1996

PEARSON, John Loughborough (1817-1897),
and later Sir Edwin Landseer LUTYENS (1869-1944), Architects, lived and died here.
13 Mansfield Street, W1
Westminster 1962

PEARSON, Karl (1857-1936),
Pioneer Statistician, lived here.
7 Well Road, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1983

PEEL, Sir Robert (1750-1830),
Manufacturer and Reformer, and his son, Sir Robert PEEL (1788-1850), Prime Minister, Founder of the Metropolitan Police, lived here.
16 Upper Grosvenor Street, W1
Westminster 1988

PELHAM, Henry (c.1695-1754),
Prime Minister, lived here. 22 Arlington Street, SW1 (Plaque on rear of building
overlooking Queen's Walk, Green Park)
Westminster 1995

PEPYS, Samuel (1633-1703),
Diarist and Secretary of the Admiralty, lived here 1679-1688.
12 Buckingham Street, WC2
Westminster 1947

PEPYS, Samuel.
In a house formerly standing on this site lived Samuel PEPYS (1633-1703), Diarist and ROBERT HARLEY, Earl of Oxford (1661-1724), Statesman; and in this house lived William ETTY (1787-1849); Painter, and Clarkson STANFIELD (1793-1867), Painter.
14 Buckingham Street, WC2
Westminster 1908

PERCEVAL, The Hon. Spencer (1762-1812),
Prime Minister, lived here.
59-60 Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC2
Camden 1914

PETRIE, Sir William Matthew Flinders (1853-1942),
Egyptologist, lived here.
5 Cannon Place, NW3
Camden 1954

PHELPS, Samuel (1804-1878),
Tragedian, lived here.
8 Canonbury Square, N1
Islington 1911

See RICKETTS, Charles

PICK, Frank (1878-1941),
Pioneer of good design for London Transport, lived here.
15 Wildwood Road, NW11
Barnet 1981

PINERO, Sir Arthur (1855-1934),
Playwright, lived here 1909-1934.
115a Harley Street, W1
Westminster 1970

PISSARRO, Lucien (1863-1944),
Painter, Printer, Wood Engraver, lived here.
27 Stamford Brook Road, Chiswick, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1976

PITT, William, Earl of Chatham.
Here lived three Prime Ministers: William PITT, Earl of Chatham (1708-1778); Edward Geoffrey STANLEY, Earl of Derby (1799-1869); William Ewart GLADSTONE (1809-1898).
10 St James's Square, SW1
Westminster 1910

PITT, WILLIAM, the younger (1759-1806),
Prime Minister, lived here 1803 to 1804. Replaces first plaque put up in 1904 and later removed.
120 Baker Street, W1
Westminster 1949

PITT-RIVERS, Lieutenant General Augustus Henry Lane Fox
(1827-1900), Anthropologist and Archaeologist, lived here.
4 Grosvenor Gardens, SW1
Westminster 1983

PLAATJE, Sol (1876-1932),
Black South African Writer, lived here.
25 Carnarvon Road, E10
Waltham Forest 1986

PLACE, Francis (1771-1854),
Political Reformer, lived here 1833-1851.
21 Brompton Square, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1961

PLATH, Sylvia (1932-1963),
Poet lived here 1960-1961.
3 Chalcot Square, Primrose Hill, NW1
Camden 2000

PLAYFAIR, Sir Nigel (1874-1934),
Actor-Manager, lived here.
26 Pelham Crescent, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1965

POPE, Alexander (1688-1744),
Poet, lived in this row, Mawson's Buildings 1716-1719. Mawson Arms PH (formerly Mawson's Buildings), 110 Chiswick
Lane South, Chiswick, W4
Hounslow 1996

These two houses were the Portuguese Embassy (1724-1747). The MARQUESS OF POMBAL, Ambassador 1739-1744, lived here.
23-24 Golden Square, W1
Westminster 1980

PRATT, William Henry, (1887-1969),
See KARLOFF, Boris

In this house The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded in 1848.
7 Gower Street, WC1
Camden 1998

PRIESTLEY, J.B. (1894-1984),
Novelist, Playwright and Essayist, lived here.
3 The Grove, Highgate, N6
Camden 1994

PRIESTLEY, Joseph (1733-1804),
Scientist, Philosopher and Theologian, was Minister to the Gravel Pit Meeting here in 1793-1794.
Ram Place, E9
Hackney 1985

PRIORY of St John the Baptist, Holywell, and the THEATRE.
The site of this building forms part of what was once the precinct of the Priory of St John the Baptist, Holywell. Within a few yards stood from 1577 to 1598 the first London building specially devoted to the performance of plays and known as 'The Theatre'.
86-88 Curtain Road, EC2
Hackney 1920

PRYDE, James
See RICKETTS, Charles


RACKHAM, Arthur (1867-1939),
Illustrator, lived here.
16 Chalcot Gardens, NW3
Camden 1981


RAGLAN, Lord Fitzroy Somerset, 1st Baron (1788-1855),
Commander during the Crimean War, lived here.
5 Stanhope Gate, Hyde Park, W1
Westminster 1911

RAMBERT, Dame Marie (1888-1982),
Founder of Ballet Rambert, lived here.
19 Campden Hill Gardens, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1997


RATHBONE, Eleanor (1872-1946),
Pioneer of family allowances, lived here.
Tufton Court, Tufton Street, SW1
Westminster 1986

RAVILIOUS, Eric (1903-1942).
Artist, lived here 1931-1935.
48 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1991

READING, 1st Marquess of
See ISAACS, Rufus

built in 1859-1860 by Philip WEBB, Architect for William MORRIS, Poet and Artist who lived here 1860-1865.
Red House Lane, Bexleyheath
Bexley 1969

REITH, Lord (1889-1971),
First Director-General of the BBC, lived here 1924-1930.
6 Barton Street, SW1
Westminster 1994

RELPH, Harry (1851-1928),
'Little Tich', Music Hall Comedian, lived and died here.
93 Shirehall Park, Hendon, NW4
Barnet 1969

RESCHID, Mustapha Pasha (1800-1858),
Turkish Statesman and Reformer, lived here as an ambassador in 1839.
1 Bryanston Square, W1
Westminster 1972

REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua (1723-1792),
Portrait Painter, lived and died in a house on this site. Replaces plaque put up in 1875 by RSA on building now demolished. Present plaque first erected 1947, and re-erected 1960 after completion of extensions to Fanum House.
Fanum House (site of 47), Leicester Square, WC2
Westminster 1960

RICHMOND, George (1809-1896),
Painter, lived here 1843-1896.
20 York Street, W1
Westminster 1961

In these studios lived and worked the artists: Charles RICKETTS (1866-1931), Charles SHANNON (1863-1937), Glyn PHILPOT (1863-1937), Vivian FORBES (1891-1937), James PRYDE (1866-1941), F. Cayley ROBINSON (1862-1927).
Lansdowne House, 80 Lansdowne Road, W11
Kensington and Chelsea 1979

RIPON, George Frederick Samuel Robinson, Marquess of
(1827-1909), Statesman and Viceroy of India, lived here.
9 Chelsea Embankment, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1959

RIZAL, Dr José (1861-1896),
Writer and National Hero of the Philippines, lived here. Replaces private plaque erected by Philippine Society in 1955.
37 Chalcot Crescent, NW1
Camden 1983

ROBERTS, Earl Fredrick Sleigh (1832-1914),
Field-Marshal, lived here.
47 Portland Place, W1
Westminster 1922

See RICKETTS, Charles

ROBINSON, George Frederick
See RIPON, Marquess of


ROE, Alliott Verdon.
Under these arches Alliott Verdon ROE assembled his AVRO No. 1 triplane. In July 1909 he made the first all-British powered flight from Walthamstow Marshes. Railway arches at Walthamstow Marsh Railway Viaduct,
Walthamstow Marshes, E17
Waltham Forest 1983

ROGERS, Dr Joseph (1821-1889),
Health Care Reformer, lived here.
33 Dean Street, W1
Westminster 1996

ROHMER, Sax, Arthur Henry Ward (1883-1959),
Creator of Dr Fu Manchu, lived here.
51 Herne Hill, SE24
Southwark 1985

ROMILLY, Samuel, Here lived,
Law Reformer. Born 1757. Died 1818. Erected privately by the Duke of Bedford. Adopted by the GLC in 1983.
21 Russell Square, WC1 Camden c.1903

ROMNEY, George (1734-1802),
Painter, lived here.
Holly Bush Hill, NW3
Camden 1908

ROSEBERY, 5th Earl (1847-1929),
Prime Minister and first Chairman of the London County Council, was born here.
20 Charles Street, W1
Westminster 1962

ROSENBERG, Isaac (1890-1918),
Poet and Painter, lived in the East End and studied here.
Whitechapel Library, 77 High Street, E1
Tower Hamlets 1987

ROSS, Sir James Clark (1800-1862),
Polar Explorer, lived here.
2 Eliot Place, Blackheath, SE3
Lewisham 1960

ROSS, Sir Ronald (1857-1932),
Nobel Laureate, Discoverer of the mosquito transmission of malaria, lived here.
18 Cavendish Square, W1
Westminster 1985

ROSSETTI, Christina Georgina (1830-1894),
Poetess, lived and died here. Bronze plaque erected by the Duke of Bedford, taken over by the GLC in 1975.
30 Torrington Square, WC1 Camden c.1913

ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel (1828-1882),
Poet and Painter, born here. Tablet fixed, 1906. Premises rebuilt and plaque refixed 1928.
110 Hallam Street, W1
Westminster 1906

ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel (1828-1882),
Poet and Painter, and Algernon Charles SWINBURNE (1837-1909), Poet, lived here.
16 Cheyne Walk, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1949

ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel.
In this house lived in 1851 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), Poet and Painter, and from 1856-1859 William MORRIS (1834-1896), Poet and Artist, and Sir Edward C (Coley) BURNE-JONES (1833-1898), Painter.
17 Red Lion Square, WC1
Camden 1911

ROSSI, Charles (Felix)
See HAYDON, Benjamin

ROTHENSTEIN, Sir William (1872-1945)
Painter and Writer lived here 1899-1902.
1 Pembroke Cottages, Edwardes Square, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 2000

ROWLANDSON, Thomas (1757-1827),
Artist and Caricaturist, lived in a house on this site.
16 John Adam Street, Adelphi, WC2
Westminster 1950

ROY, Ram Mohun (1772-1833),
Indian Scholar and Reformer, lived here.
49 Bedford Square, WC1
Camden 1985

ROY, Major-General William (1726-1790),
Founder of the Ordnance Survey, lived here.
10 Argyll Street, W1
Westminster 1979

RUSKIN, John (1819-1900),
Man of Letters, lived in a house on this site. Plaque dated 1925, on a post in front garden. Replaces plaque put up in 1909 on house now demolished.
26 Herne Hill, SE24
Lambeth 1926

RUSSELL, Lord John, 1st Earl (1792-1878),
Twice Prime Minister, lived here.
37 Chesham Place, SW1
Westminster 1911


See WHITE, William Hale



SALISBURY, Robert Gascoyne Cecil, 3rd Marquess of
(1830-1903), Prime Minister, lived here.
21 Fitzroy Square, W1
Camden 1965

SALVIN, Anthony (1799-1881),
Architect, lived here.
11 Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, NW1
Westminster 1990

SAN MARTIN, José de (The Liberator) (1778-1850),
Argentine Soldier and Statesman, stayed here.
23 Park Road, NW1
Westminster 1953

SANTLEY, Sir Charles (1834-1922),
Singer, lived and died here.
13 Blenheim Road, NW8
Westminster 1935

SARGENT, Sir Malcolm (1895-1967),
Conductor, lived and died in a flat in this building.
Albert Hall Mansions, Kensington Gore, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1992

SARTORIUS, John F. (c.1775-c.1830),
Sporting Painter, lived here 1807-1812.
155 Old Church Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1963

SASSOON, Siegfried (1886-1967),
Writer, lived here 1925-1932.
23 Campden Hill Square, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1996

SAUNDERS, Sir Edwin (1814-1901),
Dentist to Queen Victoria, lived and died here. Fairlawns, 89 Wimbledon Parkside, SW19 (Plaque on gate
Wandsworth 1997


SAVARKAR, Vinayak Damodar (1883-1966),
Indian Patriot and Philosopher, lived here.
65 Cromwell Avenue, Highgate, N6
Haringey 1985

SAYERS, Dorothy L. (1893-1957),
Writer of Detective Stories lived here 1921-1929.
24 Great James Street, WC1
Camden 2000

SCAWEN-BLUNT, Wilfrid (1840-1922),
Diplomat, Poet and Traveller, Founder of Crabbet Park Arabian stud, lived here.
15 Buckingham Gate, SW1
Westminster 1979

SCHMITZ, Ettore (1861-1928),
See SVEVO, Italo

SCHREINER, Olive (1855-1920),
Author, lived here.
16 Portsea Place, W2
Westminster 1959

SCHWITTERS, Kurt (1887-1948),
Artist, lived here.
39 Westmoreland Road, Barnes, SW13
Richmond Upon Thames 1984

First Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police 1829-1890.
Ministry of Agriculture Building, Whitehall Place, SW1
Westminster 1979

SCOTT, Sir George Gilbert (1811-1878),
Architect, lived here.
Admiral's House, Admiral's Walk, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1910

SCOTT, Sir George Gilbert (1880-1960),
Architect, designed this house and lived here 1926-1960.
Chester House, Clarendon Place, W2
Westminster 1990

See ELDON, Lord

SCOTT Captain, Robert Falcon (1868-1912),
Antartic Explorer, lived here.
56 Oakley Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1935


SHACKLETON, Sir Ernest Henry (1874-1922),
Antartic Explorer, lived here.
12 Westwood Hill, SE26
Lewisham 1928

SHANNON, Charles
See RICKETTS, Charles

SHARP, Cecil (1859-1924),
Collector of English folk songs and dances, lived here.
4 Maresfield Gardens, NW3
Camden 1985

SHAW, George Bernard

SHAW, George Bernard,
lived in this house from 1887-1898. 'From the coffers of his genius he enriched the world'. Bronze plaque erected by St Pancras Borough Council, taken over by the GLC in 1975.
29 Fitzroy Square, W1
Camden 1951

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe (1792-1822),
Poet, lived here. 15 Poland Street, W1 Westminster 1979/2000 (Replacement)

SHEPARD, E H (1879-1976),
Painter and Illustrator, lived here.
10 Kent Terrace, Regent's Park, NW1
Westminster 1993

SHEPHERD, Thomas Hosmer (1793-1864),
Artist who portrayed London, lived here.
26 Batchelor Street, N1
Islington 1976

SHERATON, Thomas (1751-1806),
Furniture Designer, lived here.
163 Wardour Street, W1
Westminster 1954

SHERIDAN, Richard Brinsley (1751-1816),
Dramatist and Statesman, lived here 1795-1802. For another plaque at this address see BURGOYNE.
10 Hertford Street, W1
Westminster 1955

SHERIDAN, Richard Brinsley,
Dramatist, lived here, b.1751, d.1816.
14 Savile Row, W1
Westminster 1881

SHORT, Sir Frank (1857-1945),
Engraver and Painter, lived here.
56 Brook Green, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1951

SIBELIUS, Jean (1865-1957),
Composer, lived here in 1909.
15 Gloucester Walk, Kensington, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1995

SICKERT, Walter (1860-1942),
Painter and Etcher, lived and worked here.
6 Mornington Crescent, NW1
Camden 1977

SIEBE, Augustus (1788-1872),
Pioneer of the Diving Helmet lived an worked here.
5 Denmark Street, WC2
Camden 2000

Established here in 1880. Arthur SILVER (1853-1886), Rex SILVER (1879-1965), Harry SILVER (1881-1971), Designers, lived here.
84 Brook Green Road, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1981

SIMON, Sir John (1816-1904),
Pioneer of public health, lived here.
40 Kensington Square, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1959

SITWELL, Dame Edith (1887-1964),
Poet, lived here in Flat 42.
Greenhill, Hampstead High Street, NW3
Camden 1998

SLOANE, Sir Hans (1660-1753),
Physican and Benefactor of the British Museum, lived here 1695-1742.
4 Bloomsbury Place, WC1
Camden 1965

SLOANE, Sir Hans
The ground to the West of this building was given to the Parish of Chelsea in 1733 by Sir Hans Sloane, President of the Royal Society. Born 1660. Died 1753.
Kings Mead, King's Road, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1977

SMILES, Samuel (1812-1904),
Author of 'Self Help', lived here.
11 Granville Park, SE13
Lewisham 1959

SMIRKE, Sir Robert (1781-1867),
Architect, lived here.
81 Charlotte Street, W1
Camden 1979

SMITH, F.E., Earl of Birkenhead (1872-1930),
Lawyer and Statesman, lived here.
32 Grosvenor Gardens, SW1
Westminster 1959

SMITH, Sydney (1771-1845),
Author and Wit, lived here. This plaque replaces one erected in 1905.
14 Doughty Street, WC1
Camden 1906

SMITH, W.H. (1825-1891),
Bookseller and Statesman, lived here. This plaque was originally erected at 3 Grosvenor Place, Westminster in 1961 and removed from there in 1964.
12 Hyde Park Street, W2
Westminster 1966

SMITH, William, MP (1756-1835),
Pioneer of religious liberty, lived here.
16 Queen Anne's Gate, SW1
Westminster 1975


SOMERSET, Lord Fitzroy

SOPWITH, Sir Thomas (1888-1989)
Aviator and Aircraft Manufacturer, lived here 1934-1940.
46 Green Street, Mayfair, W1
Westminster 1998

SPURGEON, Charles Haddon (1834-1892),
Preacher, lived here.
99 Nightingale Lane, SW12
Wandsworth 1971

See PEPYS, Samuel

STANFORD, Sir Charles (1852-1924),
Musician, lived here 1894-1916.
56 Hornton Street, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1961

STANHOPE, Charles, 3rd Earl (1753-1816),
Reformer and Inventor, lived here.
20 Mansfield Street, W1
Westminster 1951

STANLEY, W.F.R. (1829-1909),
Inventor, Manufacturer and Philanthropist, founded and designed these halls and technical school.
Stanley Halls, 12 South Norwood Hill, South Norwood, SE25
Croydon 1993

STANLEY, Albert Henry

STANLEY, E.G., Earl of Derby
See PITT, W.

STANLEY, Sir Henry Morton (1841-1904),
Explorer and Writer, lived and died here.
2 Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, SW1
Westminster 1987

STAUNTON, Howard (1810-1874),
British World Chess Champion, lived here 1871-1874.
117 Lansdowne Road, W11
Kensington and Chelsea 1999

STEER, Philip Wilson (1860-1942),
Painter, lived and died here.
109 Cheyne Walk, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1967

STEPHEN, Sir Leslie (1832-1904),
Scholar and Writer, lived here.
22 Hyde Park Gate, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1960

STEPHEN, Virginia (Virginia Woolf) (1882-1941),
Novelist and Critic, lived here 1907-1911.
29 Fitzroy Square, W1
Camden 1974

STEPHENSON, Robert (1803-1859),
Engineer, died here.
35 Gloucester Square, W2
Westminster 1905

STEVENS, Alfred (1817-1875),
Artist, lived here.
9 Eton Villas, NW3
Camden 1924

STILL, Sir George Frederic (1868-1941),
Paediatrician, lived here.
28 Queen Anne Street, W1
Westminster 1993

STOKER, Bram (1847-1912),
Author of 'Dracula', lived here.
18 St Leonard's Terrace, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1977

STONE, Marcus (1840-1921),
Artist, lived here 1877-1921.
8 Melbury Road, Kensington, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1994

STOTHARD, Thomas (1755-1834),
Painter and Illustrator, lived here.
28 Newman Street, W1
Westminster 1911

STRACHEY, Lytton (1880-1932),
Critic and Biographer, lived here.
51 Gordon Square, WC1
Camden 1971

STRANG, William (1859-1921),
Painter and Etcher, lived here 1900-1921.
20 Hamilton Terrace, NW8
Westminster 1962

STREET, George Edmund (1824-1881),
Architect, lived here.
14 Cavendish Place, W1
Westminster 1980

Formerly Strype's Yard, derives its name from the fact that the house of John STRYPE, Silk Merchant, was situated there. At that house was born in 1643 his son John STRYPE, Historian and Biographer, who died in 1737.
10 Leyden Street, E1
Tower Hamlets 1929

STUART, Prince Charles Edward

STUART, John McDouall (1815-1866),
First Explorer to cross Australia, lived and died here.
9 Campden Hill Square, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1962

SVEVO, Italo (alias for) SCHMITZ, Ettore (1861-1928),
Writer, lived here 1903-1913.
67 Charlton Church Lane, Charlton, SE7
Greenwich 1999

SWINBURNE, Algernon Charles (1837-1909),
Poet and his friend, Theodore WATTS-DUNTON (1832-1914), Poet, Novelist, Critic, lived and died here.
11 Putney Hill, SW15
Wandsworth 1926

SZABO, Violett, GC (1921-1945),
Secret Agent, lived here. She gave her life for the French Resistance.
18 Burnley Road, Stockwell, SW9
Lambeth 1981

TAGLIONI, Marie (1809-1884),
Ballet Dancer, lived here in 1875-1876.
14 Connaught Square, W2
Westminster 1960

TAGORE, Rabindranath (1861-1941),
Indian Poet, stayed here in 1912.
3 Villas on the Heath, Vale of Heath, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1961

TALLEYRAND, Prince (1754-1838),
French Statesman and Diplomatist, lived here.
21 Hanover Square, W1
Westminster 1978

TALLIS, John (1816-1876),
Publisher of 'London Street View', lived here.
233 New Cross Road, SE14
Lewisham 1978

TATE, Harry (Ronald MacDonald Hutchison) (1872-1940),
Musical Hall Comedian, lived here.
72 Longley Road, SW17
Wandsworth 1984

TAUBER, Richard (1891-1948),
Lyric Tenor, lived here in flat 297 1947-1948.
Park West, Edgware Road, W2 (Kendal Street elevation)
Westminster 1998

TAWNEY, Richard Henry (1880-1962),
Historian, Teacher and Political Writer, lived here.
21 Mecklenburgh Square, WC1
Camden 1980

The world's first regular high definition television service was inaugurated here by the BBC 2nd November 1936. (Open to the Public)
Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, N22
Haringey 1977

TEMPEST, Dame Marie (1864-1942),
Actress, lived here 1899-1902.
24 Park Crescent, W1
Westminster 1972

TEMPLE, Henry John

TENNYSON, Alfred Lord (1809-1892),

Poet, lived here in 1880 and 1881
9 Upper Belgrave Street, SW1
Westminster 1994

TERRY, Dame Ellen (1847-1928),
Actress, lived here.
22 Barkston Gardens, SW5
Kensington and Chelsea 1951

THACKERAY, William Makepeace,
Novelist, lived here. Born 1811, died 1863.
2 Palace Green, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1887


THOMAS, Dylan (1914-1953),
Poet, lived here.
54 Delancey Street, NW1
Camden 1983

THOMAS, Edward (1878-1917),
Essayist and Poet, lived here.
61 Shelgate Road, SW11
Wandsworth 1949

THOMPSON, Sir Benjamin, Count Rumford (1753-1814),
Inventor and Adventurer, lived here.
168 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1999

THORNDYKE, Dame Sybil (1882-1976),
Actress, lived here 1921-1932.
6 Carlyle Square, Chelsea, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1998

THORNE, Will (1857-1946),
Trade Union Leader and Labour MP, lived here.
1 Lawrence Road, West Ham, E13
Newham 1987

THORNYCROFT, Sir Hamo (1850-1925),
Sculptor, lived here.
2a Melbury Road, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1957

TILAK, Lokamanya (1856-1920),
Indian Patriot and Philosopher, lived here 1918-1919.
10 Howley Place, W2
Westminster 1988

TOWLE, Arthur
See LUCAN, Arthur

TOWNLEY, Charles (1737-1805),
Antiquary and Collector, lived here.
14 Queen Anne's Gate, SW1
Westminster 1985

TREE, Sir Herbert Beerbohm (1853-1917),
Actor-Manager, lived here.
31 Rosary Gardens, SW7
Kensington and Chelsea 1950

TREVES, Sir Frederick (1853-1923)
Surgeon lived here 1886-1907.
6 Wimpole Street, W1
Westminster 2000

TROLLOPE, Anthony (1815-1882),
Novelist, lived here.
39 Montagu Square, W1
Westminster 1914

TURING, Alan (1912-1954),
Code-Breaker and Pioneer of Computer Science was born here.
2 Warrington Cresent, Maida Vale, W9
Westminster 1998

TURNER, Charles (1774-1857),
Engraver, lived here.
56 Warren Street, W1
Camden 1924

TURNER, J.M.W., RA (1775-1851),
Painter, designed and lived in this house.
40 Sandycombe Road, Twickenham
Richmond Upon Thames 1977

TWAIN, Mark (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) (1835-1910),
American Writer, lived here in 1896-1897.
23 Tedworth Square, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1960

TWEED, John (1863-1933),
Sculptor, lived here.
108 Cheyne Walk, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1985

Site of Tyburn Tree. Traffic Island at the junction of Edgware Road and
Bayswater Road, W2
Westminster 1965

UNDERHILL, Evelyn (1875-1941),
Christian Philosopher and Teacher, lived here 1907-1939. Replaces plaque put up in 1975.
50 Campden Hill Square, W8
Kensington and Chelsea 1990

Henry Brook ADAMS (1838-1918), US Historian, lived here.
98 Portland Place, W1
Westminster 1978

UNWIN, Sir Stanley (1884-1968),
Publisher, was born here.
13 Handen Road, SE12
Lewisham 1984

VAN BUREN, Martin (1782-1862),
Eighth US President, lived here.
7 Stratford Place, W1
Westminster 1977

VAN GOGH, Vincent (1853-1890),
Painter, lived here 1873-1874.
87 Hackford Road, SW9
Lambeth 1973

VANE, Sir Harry, the younger,
Statesman, lived here. Born 1612, beheaded 1662. House demolished but plaque remains on surviving gate pier.
Vane House, Rosslyn Hill, NW3
Camden 1897

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph (1872-1958),
Composer, lived here from 1953 until his death.
10 Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, NW1
Westminster 1972

VENTRIS, Michael (1922-1956),
Architect and Decipherer of Linear B script, lived here.
19 North End, Hampstead, NW3
Camden 1990

VON HUGEL, Baron Friedrich (1852-1925),
Theologian, lived here 1882-1903.
4 Holford Road, NW3
Camden 1968

VOYSEY, C.F.A. (1857-1941),
Architect and Designer, lived here.
6 Carlton Hill, St John's Wood, NW8
Westminster 1995

WAINWRIGHT, Lincoln Stanhope (1847-1929),
Vicar of St Peter's, London Docks, lived here 1884-1929.
Clergy House, Wapping Lane, E1
Tower Hamlets 1961

WAKLEY, Thomas (1795-1862),
Reformer and Founder of 'The Lancet', lived here.
35 Bedford Square, WC1
Camden 1962

WALEY, Arthur (1889-1966),
Poet, Translator and Orientalist, lived and died here.
50 Southwood Lane, Highgate Village, N6
Haringey 1995

WALKER, Sir Emery (1851-1933),
Typographer and Antiquary, lived here 1903-1933.
7 Hammersmith Terrace, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1959

WALLACE, Alfred Russel (1823-1913),
Naturalist, lived here.
44 St Peter's Road
Croydon 1979

WALLACE, Edgar (1875-1932),
Writer, lived here.
6 Tressillian Crescent, SE4
Lewisham 1960

WALPOLE, Sir Robert (1676-1745),
Prime Minister, and his son Horace WALPOLE (1717-1797), Connoisseur and Man of Letters, lived here. Replaces plaque erected by RSA in 1881 to Sir Robert Walpole alone.
5 Arlington Street, SW1
Westminster 1976

WALTER, John (1739-1812),
Founder of 'The Times', lived here.
113 Clapham Common North Side, SW4
Wandsworth 1977

WARD, Arthur Henry

WARLOCK, Peter, Philip Arnold Hesseltine (1894-1930),
Composer, lived here.
30 Tite Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1984

WATERHOUSE, Alfred (1830-1905),
Architect, lived here.
61 New Cavendish Street, W1
Westminster 1988


WAUGH, Benjamin (1839-1908),
Founder of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, lived here.
26 Croom's Hill, SE10
Greenwich 1984

WAUGH, Evelyn (1903-1966),
Writer, lived here.
145 North End Road, Golders Green, NW11
Barnet 1993

WEBB, Philip

WEBB, Sidney (1859-1947),
and Beatrice WEBB (1858-1943), Social Scientists and Political Reformers, lived here.
1 Netherhall Gardens, NW3
Camden 1981

WEISZ, Victor, "Vicky" (1913-1966),
Cartoonist, lived in a flat in this building. Welbeck Mansions, 35 Welbeck Street, W1 (Plaque on New
Cavendish Street elevation)
Westminster 1996

WEIZMANN, Chaim (1874-1952),
Scientist and Statesman. First President of the state of Israel, lived here.
67 Addison Road, W14
Kensington and Chelsea 1980

WELLCOME, Sir Henry (1853-1936),
Pharmacist, Founder of the Wellcome Trust and Foundation, lived here,
6 Gloucester Gate, NW1
Camden 1989

WELLS, H.G. (1866-1946),
Writer, lived and died here.
13 Hanover Terrace, NW1
Westminster 1966

WESLEY, Charles (1707-1788),
Divine and Hymn Writer, lived and died in a house on this site, and his sons Charles (1757-1834), and Samuel (1766-1837), Musicians, also lived here.
1 Wheatley Street, W1
Westminster 1953

WESLEY, John (1703-1791),
Evangelist, and Founder of Methodism, lived here.
47 City Road, EC1
Islington 1926

WESTMACOTT, Sir Richard (1775-1856),
Sculptor, lived and died here.
14 South Audley Street, W1
Westminster 1955

WHALL, Christopher Whitworth (1849-1924),
Stained Glass Artist, lived here.
19 Ravenscourt Road, W6
Hammersmith and Fulham 1983

WHEATSTONE, Sir Charles (1802-1875),
Scientist and Inventor, lived here.
19 Park Crescent, W1
Westminster 1981

WHEELER, Sir Mortimer (1890-1976),
Archaeologist, lived here.
27 Whitcomb Street, WC2
Westminster 1993

WHISTLER, James Abbot McNeil (1834-1903),
Painter and Etcher, lived here.
96 Cheyne Walk, SW10
Kensington and Chelsea 1925

WHITAKER, Joseph (1820-1895),
Publisher, Founder of Whitaker's Almanack, lived and died here.
White Lodge, Silver Street, Enfield
Enfield 1998

WHITE, William Hale (Mark Rutherford) (1831-1913),
Novelist, lived here.
19 Park Hill, Carshalton
Sutton 1979

and the Clapham Sect worshipped in this church. Their campaigning resulted in the abolition of slavery in the British Dominions 1833.
Holy Trinity Church, Clapham Common, SW4
Lambeth 1984

WILBERFORCE, William (1759-1833).
On the site behind this house stood until 1904 Broomwood House - formerly Broomfield - where William Wilberforce resided during the campaign against slavery which he successfully conducted in Parliament.
111 Broomwood Road, SW11
Wandsworth 1906

WILBERFORCE, William (1759-1833),
Opponent of slavery, died here.
44 Cadogan Place, SW1
Kensington and Chelsea 1961

WILDE, Lady Jane Francesca "Speranza" (1821-1896)
Poet and Essayist lived here 1887-1896.
87 Oakley Street, Chelsea, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 2000

WILDE, Oscar O'Flahertie Wills (1854-1900),
Wit and Dramatist, lived here.
34 Tite Street, SW3
Kensington and Chelsea 1954

WILLAN, Dr Robert (1757-1812),
Dermatologist, lived here.
10 Bloomsbury Square, WC1
Camden 1949

WILLIS, 'Father' Henry (1821-1901),
Organ Builder, lived here.
9 Rochester Terrace, NW1
Camden 1986

This plaque is in memory of Sir Hugh WILLOUGHBY (d.1554), Stephen BOROUGH (1525-1585), William BOROUGH (1536-1599), Sir Martin FROBISHER (1535?-1594), and other navigators who, in the latter half of the sixteenth century, set sail from this reach of the River Thames near Ratcliff Cross to explore the Northern Seas.
King Edward Memorial Park, Shadwell, E1
Tower Hamlets 1922

WILSON, Edward Adrian (1872-1912),
Antarctic Explorer and Naturalist, lived here.
Battersea Vicarage, 42 Vicarage Crescent, SW11
Wandsworth 1935

WINANT, John Gilbert (1889-1947),
United States Ambassador 1941-1946, lived here.
7 Aldford Street, W1
Westminster 1982

WINGFIELD, Major Walter Clopton (1833-1912),
Father of lawn tennis, lived here.
33 St George's Square, SW1
Westminster 1987

WODEHOUSE, P.G. (1881-1975),
Writer, lived here.
17 Dunraven Street, W1
Westminster 1988

WOLFE, General James (1727-1759),
Victor of Quebec, lived here.
Macartney House, Greenwich Park, SE10
Greenwich 1909

WOLSELEY, Garnet, 1st Viscount (1833-1913),
Field-Marshal, lived in this house. Open to the public
Rangers House, Chesterfield Walk, Blackheath, SE10
Greenwich 1937

WOOD, Edward, 1st Earl of Halifax (1881-1959),
Statesman, Viceroy of India and Foreign Secretary, lived here.
86 Eaton Square, SW1
Westminster 1994

WOOD, Sir Henry (1869-1944),
Musician, lived here.
4 Elsworthy Road, NW3
Camden 1969

WOOLF, Leonard and Virginia
lived in this house 1915-1924 and founded the Hogarth Press in 1917.
Hogath House, Paradise Road
Richmond Upon Thames 1976

WOOLF, Virginia
See STEPHEN, Virginia

WREN, Sir Christopher (1632-1723),
Architect, lived here.
The Old Court House, Hampton Court Green, East Molesey
Richmond Upon Thames 1996

WYATT, Thomas Henry (1807-1880),
Architect, lived and died here.
77 Great Russell Street, WC1
Camden 1980

WYATVILLE, Sir Jeffry (1766-1840),
Architect, lived and died here.
39 Brook Street, Mayfair, W1
Westminster 1984


WYNDHAM, Sir Charles (1837-1919),
Actor-Manager, lived and died here.
20 York Terrace East, NW1
Westminster 1962

YEATS, William Butler (1865-1939),
Irish Poet and Dramatist, lived here.
23 Fitzroy Road, NW1
Camden 1957

YOUNG, Thomas (1773-1829),
Man of Science, lived here. Replaces first plaque put up in 1905.
48 Welbeck Street, W1
Westminster 1951

ZANGWILL, Israel (1864-1926),
Writer and Philanthropist, lived here.
288 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2
Tower Hamlets 1965

ZOFFANY, Johann (1733-1810),
Painter, lived here 1790-1810.
65 Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, W4
Hounslow 1973

ZOLA, Emile (1840-1902),
French Novelist, lived here 1898-1899.
Queen's Hotel, 122 Church Road, Upper Norwood, SE19
Croydon 1990