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If you want to join in (or present) any of these, or similar events or excursions, then please email Steve or contact the location mentioned. Similarly, if you would like to submit a report of an event or screening (even if it wasn't listed here) then that can be added to this web site.

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November 2002 - ??
Exhibition in Singapore
There is an exhibition at the Innovations Gallery of the Library@Esplanade in Singapore.

It consists of 8 panels, 2 about film, 2 about music in film, 2 about dance in film and 2 about theatre in film. Of course The Red Shoes is part of dance in film panel.

See photos & exhibition details.

22 November 2002
AMOLAD being screened in Clun, Shropshire
The people from "Flicks in the Sticks" that take films around the villages (they screened GTE in Much Wenlock) are planning to show AMOLAD in Clun, Shropshire.

See details of the great day.

27 October 2002
AMOLAD & BN at the Curzon, Soho
Lou Volpe tells us:
For those of you in and around London, the Curzon Soho is showing AMOLAD & BN on Sunday 27th October. On top of their Blimp screening a month ago (at ear splitting volume!) they seem to have taken over where the NFT shamefully left off.

Oct - Nov 2002
Filmoteca Española in Madrid

19 - 29 Sept 2002
San Sebastian 2002
The 2002 San Sebastian festival and the Filmoteca ran a Powell & Pressburger retrospective.

See Festival Reports

Sunday 22 Sept 2002
Colonel Blimp in Soho
They are screening The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) at the Curzon, Soho, London.
93-107 Shaftesbury Ave, W1
020 7439 4805 (24hr info)
Box office 0871 871 0022
Tube: Leicester Square

Thursday 5 Sept 2002
AMOLAD + Ian Christie in York
Ian Christie is giving a lecture on "Imagining Heaven" and there will be a screening of AMOLAD at the York City Screen.

It's a plenary session, starting at 5pm, as part of the conference The Social Context of Death Dying and Disposal. at York University. I'm in email contact with the organiser, Dr Julie Rugg, and we'll try to sort out the details (places available, if it's necessary to book, any costs etc)

I didn't manage to sort this out because of my burst appendix.
Ian Christie reports:

York went quite well, thanks. The cinema hadn't publicised it, treating it like a private hire, so I had about 120 conferees from 'Death, Dying and Disposal' - a cheery lot, it it transpired, who were mugh interested in imagining the afterlife. The oddest thing was that about 100 had never seen the film, and it was a fine screening, so they had a real treat.

Sunday 25 Aug 2002
Visit to ACT location sites in Canterbury
That's the August Bank Holiday weekend. We always do them on the last Sunday in August because that's the weekend when it was set. There's no need to book or do anything special. Just turn up & make yourself known to us.

See Reports from the trip

16 Aug - 5 Sept 2002
A mini-season of P&P films in NY State
The Jacob Burns Film Centre, 364 Manville Road, Pleasantville, NY, 10570 (Westchester County, just 30 miles north of Manhattan) are screening some P&P (or just then first P) films.

See Malcolm's Report on his trip there

31 May - 23 June 2002
Powell and Pressburger festival, Vancouver, Canada

Katie Yu reports:

Yay! The Pacific Cinematheque, an arthouse theatre, is having a Powell and Pressburger festival from May 31st-June 23rd. They're showing new 35mm prints of The Edge of the World, TRS, ToB, ACT, Colonel Blimp, BN, IKWIG, AMOLAD, The Spy in Black, 49P, The Battle of the River Plate, Ill Met by Moonlight, and Peeping Tom. (sorry, not very good with the acronyms yet). That's 13 films they're showing twice.

I was so annoyed when I missed it a few years ago that you can bet I'll be there for all of them this time. I guess I won't be seeing any daylight for the month of June :)

If anyone's interested and in the general vicinity of Vancouver, Canada please join me!


See Pacific Cinematheque for full programme.

Sunday 26 May 2002
Gone to Earth showing in Much Wenlock

Columba Powell (Micky's son, as seen in Peeping Tom (1960)) will be attending.
The Much Wenlock museum will be putting on a special exhibition of GTE related items, Nick Dando & I will be lending them some items from our collections.
I am told there has been a good response from people in the area so we hope for quite a crowd.
We will initially meet up at the Lord's Hill Chapel at noon.

See full report

2 - 9 May 2002
P&P season at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles

See the website at

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