49th Parallel

Then and Now

Katie Yu went to Banff and with the help of some screen-grabs from the film (made by Mark) she did a bit of location hunting and comparing Banff as it is now to how it was when P&P filmed the Indian Day segment of 49th Parallel.

Train carrying the Nazi submariners arrives at Banff

Katie's comparison


Indian Day procession into Banff

Katie's comparison
That's the Bow River bridge leading in to Banff

Lt. Hirth (Portman) tries to lose himself in the crowd

Addressing the crowd
That's the courtyard of the Banff Springs Hotel



The Mountie (RCMP) Sergeant tells the crowd about the escaping Nazis
That man to the left in the fringed jacket is Norman Luxton. Known as "Mr Banff" he was quite something in Banff for many years. He was one of the main organisers of Indian Day and he did a lot more to do with retaining Banff's heritage.

Norman died in 1962 but his wife set up The Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation to carry on his work. See their web site and the Buffalo Nation Museum pages about him.

There's a book about Norman called "Mr. Banff": The Story of Norman Luxton by Susan Warrender Calgary, AB, Canada, Alistair Bear Enterprises. 2003. (ISBN: 0973323809)

"Look at the person standing next to you"

Go to the Banff springs Hotel web site, have a look at the second picture in the centre segment and drag the mouse for a panoramic view. Note those white globe lights on the black latticework columns (see also the last screen grab).

The Mountie Sergeant then describes the escaping Nazis

Scanning the crowd

One of them loses his nerve and makes a break for it

Other P&P images