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Road of Steel

In Paul Tritton's book on ACT, the only location that he couldn't identify was the valley that the train ran along when we first see it. You know the one I mean, the falcon has just turned into a Spitfire, the carriers trundle off down the hill and it fades to a valley. We pan right and stop as a train comes in from the right. It's all over very quickly - but it always bugged us :)

Mark French has identified this for us as having the camera at about TR 137 501.

From the car park at the top of Ranmore (TQ141 503) go into the field take a diagonal across the field heading South West. The indistinct path goes downhill to the fence line. Go through the gate that you will find there and then walk West following the edge of the woods which should be on your right hand side (do not descend any further) after approximately 500 yds look South and you should be there. I found the spot where they filmed to within approximately 50 yds or so as I say nothing has changed so it is very easy to find.

When Paul Tritton asked cinematographer Erwin Hillier about that scene, Erwin said "Michael Powell always wanted me to study the locations before we made a decision to shoot. I saw this train coming along, and I knew in a split-second that we needed it. I knew that, from a distance, you wouldn't notice the train, so I told the production manager to ask the engine driver at the stop before he came through, to put on as much steam as he could when he came through the valley. And he did. We were ready to shoot and along came the train. There was lots of steam and in one take, that was that!"

Christoph Michel has done some screen captures from the DVD to show you the scene we mean.

Train runs through the valley
























A few other screen captures that Christoph did.


Fade from bren carriers to valley


Mosaics of all frames of train in valley

NPan.jpg ThePan.jpg


The village in first frame


A few of the stone in The Hand of Glory
See also, Sabrina's translation of the inscription.


and one last one of the train appearing

Other P&P images