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Submitted by Malcolm Pratt

Kim Hunter
The Commercial Appeal, Memphis,USA: September 13th 2002

Film fest guest dies

     Memphis movie fans had even more reason to mourn than most this week when it was announced that actress Kim Hunter, 79, had died Wednesday in her Greenwich Village apartment of an apparent heart attack.

     Hunter was a guest of honor at the August 2001 Memphis Film Festival, the annual event devoted to classic movies and vintage television programs of decades past. [ed. note: this is the event where I briefly met Ms. Hunter in the reception line of about 150 people.] It was one of the last public appearances for the actress, who impressed everyone with her lively wit, intelligence and graciousness. Hunter rarely attended fan gatherings, but she enthralled festival patrons with stories about her long career, during which she endured the Hollywood blacklist, won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1951 for "A Streetcar Named Desire" and earned popular fame as chimpanzee scientist Dr. Zira in three "Planet of the Apes" films.

John Beifuss [film critic]

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