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Submitted by Nicky Smith
Raymond Massey
The Dallas Morning News - 26th September 1997

"Actors `staying in character' can get out of hand


Actor Raymond Massey, perhaps best known for his role as James Dean's father in the movie East of Eden, drew the greatest notices of his stage career in the title role of Abe Lincoln in Illinois.

He played the part of Illinois. No, actually, Mr. Massey was a celebrated Abe Lincoln in the late 1930s. Some of his friends, among them playwright George S. Kaufman, began to notice odd blips in Massey's behavior as the run of the play progressed. The actor was continuing to posture and deport himself in the manner of Honest Abe even while offstage. At parties, Raymond Massey went so far as to show up dressed as Lincoln. Mr. Kaufman had seen and heard enough. "Massey's not going to be satisfied," he finally complained, "until somebody assassinates him."

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