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Timeline for the life of Emeric Pressburger

When Where What Context
5th December 1902 Miskolc, Hungary Emeric was born.
His father is the land agent for the local Baron.
There is a quite large Jewish community in the area.
The Pressburger family came from Pressburg (now Bratislava, Slovakia). Henrietta Pressburger (no direct relation) was the mother of Karl Marx.

Szentpéteri Kapu 3, Miskolc
The Pressburger family home
1911 Subotica    
1915 Rudna
30 Km from Temesvar / Timisoara
Boarded in Temesvar while at school there  
1920     Temesvar, Hungary becomes Timisoara, Romania
Settlement of territories at end of WWI
1920 - 1922 Prague    
1923 - May 1926 Stuttgart
After 2 years in Prague & 3 in Stuttgart, Emeric still never completed his studies.  
1926 Budapest
then Timisoara
Ran business making and selling radios  
1926/7 Berlin Sleeping rough in Tiergarten  
  Hostel in Friedrichstrasse    
  Room in Helensee After selling first story "Auf Reisen"  
  Furnished flat in Anspacherstrasse
(just around the corner from the department store in Tauentzienstrasse)
After writing "The Subject" and the series "Writing a Film Script" for Film-Kurier, Berlin (2nd Nov 1929 & 23rd Nov 1929)  
1931 Apartment
155 Kufurstendam
July 1932     Nazi party are elected to power as the majority party in Germany.
October 1932     Emeric is told UFA won't renew his contract for 1933
30th Jan 1933     Adolf Hitler takes over from Hindenburg as Chancellor.
Feb 1933
  Emeric decides it's time to leave Berlin & heads for Paris  
May 1933 5 Rue Cognacq-Jay
7th arrondissment
Nr Hotel Ansonia, a favourite flop house for refugees  
March 1934   Ran out of money so locked out of Rue Cognacq-Jay  
May 1934 Studio apartment
25 Avenue Pierre ler de Serbie
Next door to Hotal Pierre
nr Champs Elysée
Spring 1935 Large flat in
6 Rue Quentin Bauchart
Location of a brutal murder hence the redecoration and cheap rent  
1935   Emeric decides he would do better in England.  
Sept 1935 34 Princes Gardens SW7
near The Albert Hall.

Building was demolished and site is now used as Imperial College halls of residence.
November 1935 Room 424
Mount Royal Hotel
(now the Thistle, Marble Arch)
London, W1
early 1938 31 Ascot Court
Grove End Road
St John's Wood
London, NW8
1938 - 1942
Top floor appt with balcony
24th June 1938   Married to Agí Donáth  
1st Sept 1939     Hitler invades Poland.
France & England declare war on Germany
1940   Agí left.
They were divorced in March 1941
France surrenders in May after 35 days fighting
December 1940   Emeric sees Wendy Green in Csáda in London  
22nd May 1942   Emeric has his first date with Wendy  
November 1942   Wendy moves into flat below Emeric's in Maida Vale  
10th December 1942   Angela Carole Pressburger is born  
late 1942 16 Green Lane
Bought in 1942 with Wendy
(Photo by Gerald Rickwood)
7th May 1945     Germany surrenders
Summer 1945   Emeric starts to make enquiries about his family. Very few survived the holocaust.  
1946   Emeric becomes a British subject  
29th March 1947   Married Wendy
She had been waiting for her divorce to be finalised.
May 1947 70 Redington Road
Now the home of the Czech Ambassador
Thanks to Stuart George for the photos
1954 54 Eaton Square
The Olivier's lived downstairs.
(There is a Blue Plaque to Vivien Leigh there)

Bobby Helpmann lived at 72 Eaton Square

Emeric & Wendy separated
January 1965 Self-designed chalet style house in Thiersee, Austria. Near neighbour was his old friend Günther "Stapi" Stapenhorst.
A "money pit" that cost him most of his fortune
1970 Returned to England,
Stayed at his club until Ivry Freyburg offered him Shoemaker's Cottage.
1970 Shoemaker's Cottage
Nr Stowmarket
IP14 6NY
Emeric lived here until his death in 1988 and is buried in the local church.  
5 February 1988 Emeric is buried at:
Our Lady of Grace Church,
He died of bronchial pneumonia on 5 February 1988 in the Foxearth Lodge Nursing Home, Little Green, Saxtead, Woodbridge, Suffolk, about 10 minutes away from Shoemaker's Cottage.

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