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Submitted by Roger Mellor

From an unidentified British newspaper marked 5th April 1943

Mr. Conrad Veidt
Villainy on the screen

Mr Conrad Veidt, the film actor, died in America on Saturday from a heart attack while playing golf. He was 50 and had been a naturalized British subject since 1939.

Veidt, whose full name was Hans Walter Konrad Veidt, was born in Berlin on January 22, 1893, and educated at Berlin High School. He was a pupil of Max Reinhardt and played on the stage with Emil Jannings. Before going to England and America, he made a reputation as an accomplished actor on the German screen. With Werner Krauss he appeared in such notable silent films as The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari and The Student of Prague, and he took a leading part with Jannings and Krauss in Waxworks (1924). In later years it was Veidt's fate to play the parts of Nazi agents, spies, and other suspicios characters. he was never - latterly, at least - an actor to sieze hold of the imagination and make more of a character than the script intended, but with his tall, spare figure, faintly broken accent, and features he could compose into an assumption of haughty brutality, of aloof and disdainful villany, he made a very proper person to be put away in the last reel of the film. Even when he was allowed to play the hero there clung to his screen personality a faint flavour of the sinister. He will be remembered as Mettnich in Congress Dances. The best known British films in which he appeared were Jew Suss, Rome Express, Nazi Agent and Contraband. He was twice married and leaves a widow.

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