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Anton Walbrook (19 November 1896 - 9 August 1967)

Andrew Moor visited Anton's grave on a snowy day in January 2010. Anton lived nearby at 69 Frognall Lane.

The 18th century church of Saint John-At-Hampstead on Church Row nestles among some of the most gorgeous Georgian streets in monied north London and its small wooded cemetery boasts the grave of local resident the painter John Constable. Peter Cook and John Harrison (inventor of the marine chronometer) are also there. Inside the church there is a bust of John Keats, who lived in Hampstead and whose house is open to the public.

Anton's ashes are interred in a celebrity-filled corner of the cemetery across the lane from the church. He died of a heart-attack in Bavaria and had asked for his remains to be taken here. The wooden family grave marker in the foreground is for George du Maurier, most famous for having written 'Trilby' (with its sinister hypnotic impresario Svengali).

Anton is 4th from the left. the 2nd headstone from the left marks the grave of Joan and Jackie Collins' mother. Rex Harrison's wife, Kay Kendell, and Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree are just off-screen.

I've visited Anton 3 times over the last 15 years and there has always been a modest floral contribution there. Given the snow and cold (it was minus 10 on the heath due to wind-chill!), I put a small sprig of berries there. Note the Austrian surname but the Christian name 'Adolf' is left as an initial 'A'.

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