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Submitted by John V Watson

Kinematograph Weekly
March 31st 1932

Reviews of the Week

Hotel Splendide
Ideal.   British (U).   4,801 feet.   Release date not fixed.

Comedy and thrills are adequately blended in a somewhat far-fetched crook story. Acting is quite good, presentation fair. A light second feature, of which cheeriness is the keynote, is indicated.

Story. - Jerry Mason, a bumptious believer in the power of advertising, inherits an hotel, ironically named "Splendide." Charlie, a crook, arrives with an associate in quest of stolen pearls, which are also coveted by "Pussy" Saunders, who is established in the hotel as a crippled old woman.

Jerry and his secretary, Joyce, in the course of trying to run the hotel on grand lines, surprise Pussy secreting the pearls in a tin. Pussy poses as a detective and hands over the tin to Jerry to put in the safe, at which he later finds Charlie and kills him. Detectives disguised as guests arrest Pussy, but find the tin empty. Jerry, producing the pearls, claims Joyce as part of his rewards.

Acting. - Jerry verno provides a suitably bumptious manner as the budding business man and is a great stimulant to the fun. Remainder of the cast do good team work.
Production. - A high note of comedy is sustained throughout, and is much more effective than the crook element. With the help of the various aliases, however, interest is kept up to the finish, the final sequences being rich in surprises, if not always too well accounted for.
Settings and Photography. - Interiors of a third-rate hotel are capably dealt with, but are always subordinate to the action. Photography unnoteworthy.
Points of Appeal. - Laughable element in a harmless crook take, hero's personality, and mild surprise thrills.

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