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Missing, Believed Lost - The Rasp

From Missing, Believed Lost, BFI Publishing, 1992

Pleased with the way that his story Rynox had been handled by Powell, thriller-writer Philip MacDonald continued the association on The Rasp. In this featurette a cabinet minister is killed with a rasp at his country home. MacDonald's sleuth of a journalist Anthony Gethryn tricks the killer into a confession, providing his newspaper with a scoop.

'Just another murder mystery,' declared The Bioscope, 'and while there is a certain amount of mystery as to the perpetrator of the deed, the events which lead up to the solution and arrest of the culprit are such as to convince only the more easily interested patron.' The reviewer was offended by the film's customary portrayal of Scotland Yad as dimwitted and demanded to know when this 'unjustifiable slur' on the British police would cease.

Kine Weely commented: 'In tackling a murder mystery drama, in which a newspaperman is involved, Michael Powell, the director, has butted in on America's favourite theme, and this effort, although moderately good, suffers in comparison. However, the atmosphere is refreshingly English, and there remains sufficient to entertain the unsophisticated.'

This film is "Missing, Believed Lost", please check all achives and attics.

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