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Submitted by John V Watson

Kine Weekly

10 December 1931

"Special Assignment"
A British four-reeler, "Special Assignment," will also be shown, featuring Harold French, Isla Bevan and Garry Marsh.

    It is a skilfully constructed drama of a young newspaper reporter who, to obtain a news stunt for his paper, takes on a job as chauffeur to a society woman. He is a witness to a Bond Street smash-and-grab raid during which a famous diamond is stolen. His efforts to recover the jewel and thus provide his paper with a "scoop," form the major part of the action of this fast-moving picture.

    Michael Powell, the resourceful director of "Two Crowded Hours," directed.

[This is the film now known as The Star Reporter (sadly still on the missing list) that appears to have been called Special Assignment at the trade show]

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