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Submitted by Mark Fuller

Something Always Happens
Picturegoer Weekly: December 8th 1934

[Note from Mark Fuller]
The following is taken from a bound edition, and as the printed lines disappear into the bound edge, some words are indecipherable. A single ? denotes an educated guess, ????? indicates you should make your own guess....

Neatly constructed and excellently dialogued comedy in which Ian Hunter, as an optimistic down-and-out manages to put a petrol station company on the map and win the daughter of the director ?of a rival concern, gives a very good performance and is ably assisted by Nancy O'Neil, as the girl in question.

Peter Gawthorne is very good as the millionaire father who is ?fair minded enough to appreciate being outwitted, while Muriel George is excellent as a kind-hearted ?land-lady.

There is a very delightful subsidiary child interest in this picture introduced by a little boy who is adopted by the down-and-out. ???? is very well rendered by John Singer.The opening scenes in the ?slum where the pair meet are exceedingly good.

Michael Powell's direction is ????? and imaginative, and the ?comic situations are handled with ?a slickness and polish that make ?this unpretentious picture a very enjoyable one.

6? mins

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