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Contemporary Review
Someday (1935)
Film Weekly (undated, assumed to be 1935)

Warner-First National   A.   British, 69 mins
"Curly" Blake Esmond Knight
Emily Margaret Lockwood
Mr. Canley Henry Molison
Mr. Carr Raymond Lovell
Betty Sunday Wilshin
Milkman George Pughe
Hope Ivor Barnard
Nurse Jane Cornell
Directed by Michael Powell

Slow and sloppy servant-girl romance that just goes on and on. Feeble entertainment.

Lift-boy Esmond Knight falls in love with servant-girl Margaret Lockwood. He takes her to a bachelor flat, the bachelor returns and gets annoyed, they land in a police court, and Margaret's employer pops up in a fairy-godmother guise to save them.

Neither of the two principals acts very convincingly. The best performance of a weak bunch is that of Henry Mollinson as Miss Lockwood's drunken but kind-hearted employer.

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