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Submitted by Mark Fuller

Monthly Film Bulletin: July 1935

     Romance. 'Curley' is a lift boy in a block of flats, in love with Emily "Who Does" for Mr Canley, one of the tenants, but their wages are so low that marriage seems to be impossible. 'Curley' plans a surprise supper for Emily, on her return from hospital, in the flat of a tenant, Mr Carr who is supposed to be abroad; but Mr Carr interrupts them and there is a fight. 'Curley' is charged with illegal entry and assault by Mr Carr, but everything ends happily.

     This is a pleasant unpretentious story, pleasantly told. The direction, however, lacks polish and is not convincing. It is full of good ideas insufficiently carried out; the scenes at the seaside particularly fail in this respect. While the photography is uninteresting, it is exceptionally clear and well done. Esmond Knight does not appear too happy as 'Curley' but Margaret Lockwood is quite successful as Emily.

68 mins


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