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Missing, Believed Lost - Someday

From Missing, Believed Lost, BFI Publishing, 1992

Romantic drama (told in flashback from a magistrate's court) concerning a lift operator (Esmond Knight) in a block of flats who borrows a tenant's quarters to give his cleaner girlfriend (Margaret Lockwood) a surprise supper on her return from hospital. The tenant (Raymond Lovell) returns unexpectedly, a fight ensues, and the lift operator is charged with trespass and assault. His girlfriend's employer (Henry Mollison) generously comes to his rescue.

Kine Weekly described this as a 'slow, meandering romantic drama, a dilatory tale of life below stairs, reduced to entertainment of negligible quality by excessive footage. The theme deals with domestics and its suitability is confined mainly to picturegoers of that class.'
[Amazing! How times have changed]

It was a re-make, relocated in a British setting, of the 1929 First National production Young Nowheres, which starred Richard Barthelmess and Marion Nixon under the direction of Frank Lloyd.

This film is "Missing, Believed Lost", please check all achives and attics.

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