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Submitted by Mark Fuller

The Brown Wallet
Monthly Film Bulletin: March 1936

     This is a not very thrilling "Murder" story. John Gillespie, who has been ruined financially when his partner absconds with the money, appeals unsuccessfully to a wealthy aunt for assistance. On his way home, he finds a wallet full of banknotes that has been left in a taxi, and in his despair retains the money. That same night, his aunt is found dead from the effects of poison, and her safe rifled. John is accused of the crime, but is acquitted of homicide on the murderer's confession.

     The characterisation is unconvincing throughout the film, and each part is overdrawn in an attempt to simulate reality. This is especially noticeable in the smaller parts. It is disconcerting, also, to find that the retaining of the wallet is not considered a serious offence. The cast works hard to portray the series of types which they are called upon to represent, but there is a lack of distinctness about the production which prevents the full development of the tension which should be an integral part of a "Murder" film.

66 mins


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