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The Lion Has Wings (1939)

'... labelling it propoganda (sic) doesn't alter the fact that it makes all interesting, informative and thrilling show' NEW YORK TIMES

Korda's first contribution to the War Effort of 1939-1945 was THE LION HAS WINGS. It appeared just a few months after the outbreak of the Second World War and was unashamedly a propaganda weapon.

By skilful use of documentary footage, Korda builds up a heart rending picture of the situation at the outbreak of the war.

He shows a Germany of steel, armed and united in a wave of hysteria created by the spell of a fanatical madman, and contrasts this with the peaceful, golden villages of England. portrays the everyday lives of the British people who are pared to sacrifice everything for the greater good.

Korda uses some of his best known and loved stars: Ralph Richardson stars as a Squadron leader of the Royal Air force, representing the courage of the men whose duty was to fight; Merle Oberon as his wife and June Duprez as her friend, representing the women who uncomplainingly work, wait and hope that their men will return safely; Brian Worth is the young Canadian airman representing the allies without whom Britain would have been in trouble.

First released: 3 November 1939 (UK) and 19 January 1940 (USA)

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