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Contemporary Review
Contraband (1940)
Picture Show, May 18th, 1940

A centre spread in the magazine with lots of pictures
I'll try to scan the pictures in sometime, until then, here are the words.
Warning: Contains plot spoilers!

Made with the co-operation of the Admiralty and the Ministry of Economic Warfare, this is the story of a hectic night in London's [wartime] blackout, in which the captain of a neutral merchant ship finds himself involved with a gang of spies who operate under cover of a night club.

The Helvig is returning from America. Its master, Captain Andersen, is cursing the War. Apart from losing time through zig-zagging as a precaution against the Nazi habit of torpedoing neutral ships without warning, further delay is occasioned by the operation of the British Contraband Control, and the ship carries a perishable cargo. In addition, he is intensely irritated by an attractive but obstinat woman passenger, Mrs Sorensen, who flatly refuses to wear her life-jacket. And it is Mrs Sorensen who leads him on his exciting chase through London.

Valerie Hobson
as Mrs Sorensen
    Conrad Veidt
as Captain Andersen
Officers of the British Contraband Control scrutinise the ship's papers. They invite Captain Andersen to dine with them and give him two shore passes, for himself and his mate. When Andersen and Mr. Skold, the mate (Hay Petrie), are ready, Andersen finds the passes are missing. So, he discovers, are two passengers.
Andersen finds the passengers, Mrs. Sorensen and Mr. Padgeon (Esmond Knight), on the London train. He determines to make them return to the ship. Andersen loses Pidgeon at Victoria, but trails Mrs. Sorensen in the London black-out. They dine at the Danish restaurant kept by Skold's brother. [Also played by Hay Petrie] Andersen goes with Mrs. Sorensen to her aunt's house. Her aunt's secretary (Phoebe Kershaw) meets them. They find themselves in the hands of three members of a band of German spies. Andersen names them the Brothers Grimm. The chief spy (Raymond Lovell) sees through Mrs. Sorensen's means of destroying messages she is conveying, and Andersen realises she is a British Naval Intelligence Agent.
Andersen and Mrs. Sorensen are tied up in the cellar of the night club. He frees himself but has to leave Mrs. Sorensen to hoodwink the third Brother Grimm (Peter Bull). Anderson helps Mrs. Sorensen and Mr Pidgeon, who has also been captured, to escape. With some Danish friends, Andersen returns to the night club, and after a hearty fight lays out the gang. Reunion aboard the Helvig - with Andersen deciding that a troublesome passenger may make a perfect wife.

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