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The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943)

Clive Candy, a young Boer War V.C. goes to Berlin to trap a German spy. He becomes friends with a German Officer, Theo, after they fight a duel. Theo marries the girl Candy loves.

In the First World War Colonel Candy marries a girl who resembles his lost love and helps to get Theo, now a P.O.W. repatriated. He retires and comes back in the Second World War as a Brigadier General, but is axed. He again meets Theo, now a fugitive from the Nazis, and vouches for him.

On joining a Home Guard exercise, Candy is captured in the Turkish Bath of his Club, threatens to break the young officer concerned, but is dissuaded by Theo and realises that this war needs modern ideas.

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