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Submitted by Mark Fuller

The Blimp Ban

From: The Evening Standard
28 June 1943

Whitehall has decided - whether officially or unofficially is not quite clear, but the decision will be effective - that the film of Colonel Blimp is not for the present to be exported for exhibition abroad. I am able to give what I am assured is the inside story of this ban.

     Mr. Churchill was at the first night of the film and seems to have formed some pretty definite opinions about it. He talked to his colleagues in the Cabinet and to Whitehall officials. Then almost every Government department sent delegations to view the film and gave their own impressions.

     When all the reports were in, they were solemly [sic] collated and examined. Then some highup made the decision that it would not be advisable to let the film go out as representing the British Army.

Pearl Harbour Mind
Public attention has mainly been focussed on the picture of the British officer drawn in the film, and of his extreme conservatism. But the veto decision was [not] made on this point at all. It was made on a point that few people would have thought of.

     In the film a young army officer wins a victory over Home Guard Colonel Blimp by fighting a "battle" some hours before the appointed zero hour. This, says Whitehall, would advertise abroad that we countenance the ethics of the Japs at Pearl Harbour !

     Thus are great decisions made.

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