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Locations used in The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943)
Ilkley Moor & Denton Hall

Many thanks to Quentin Howard for these and for his great detective work in finding them.

Having watched TL&DOCB for the first time today, I can add a trivial detail to your locations.
The establishing shot for the scenes at Barbara Wynne's home - Denton Hall - (immediately after the newsparer announcement of the wedding gown), is shot taken from the top of the Cow and Calf rocks on Ilkley Moor (actually it's the Cow rock). The shot is also technically 'correct' because it looks north-east over Ben Rhydding across the Wharfe valley to Denton Hall, dead centre of the picture. To the right of the shot in the near distance is a large dark stone building complex which was the Wheatley (Ben Rhydding) Hydro, demoloshed in the '50s (now a housing estate). The three redish tile roofed houses in the left-near distance are still there (they are off Constable Road/Rumbold's Lane). I grew up here here in the '60s, spending many a day on top of the Cow and Calf rocks, so the shot, albeit brief, was immediately familiar to me.


Quentin Howard

We then get a view of Denton Hall from across the river (or lake) with Clive & Barbara sitting under the tree and then a shor on the terrace of the Hall itself with Eric and Spangle following the cook/housekeeper who is about to call them in.

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