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Silver Fleet

From: Progress of British Films, Part 1
McKenzie, Vincent & Co. Ltd. 1946

"The Silver Fleet" is a story of the courageous Dutch undergound movement against Nazi domination, and has the official interest of both the Dutch Government and the British Admiralty. It tells of a mysterious Pimpernel figure "Piet Hein", who organises the sabotage of submarines completed for the enemy. "Piet Hein" wanders in and out of the big shipyard unseen and unmolested, known only by his signatures scrawled on messages to the workers. These workers obey the instructions of their unknown leader because they remember the original "Piet Hein" who saved their country from an aggressor in the days of the Spanish Armada.

Ralph Richardson has one of his most dramatic roles to date as van Leyden, owner and chief designer of the big shipyard taken over by the Nazis. Working in apparent "collaboration" with the invaders, a position which gets him suspicion from his workmen and distrustful horror from his wife, he is able to help his country. His portrayal of the part is magnificently sincere and moving.

As his wife, Helene, Miss Googie Withers shows that she has switched from her past comedy roles to straight drama with an ease that can only further her reputation as an actress.

Esmond Knight, blinded in the battle of the Bismarck, plays the Gestapo chief in "The Silver Fleet", and other well-known names in the cast include Ivor Barnard, John Carol, Valentine Dyall and Philip Leaver.

"The Silver Fleet" was written and directed by Vernon Sewell and Gordon Wellesley, and presented by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.

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