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There is no island of "Kiloran" in any atlas of the Western Isles of Scotland. It is never actually visited in IKWIG. Sir Robert Bellinger is esconsed there and Joan and Torquil are both trying to get there. But despite never going there in the film, we do know quite a lot about it. Enough to know that "Kiloran" was really based on the island of Colonsay.

There's a map of "Kiloran" on the wall of Catriona's house at Erraig. Compare that with a map of Colonsay.

When he's describing "Kiloran" to Joan, Torquil mentions some places that are really to be found on Colonsay, like "Pig's Paradise"

There's a place on Colonsay called "Kiloran Bay" and Kiloran House overlooks that bay.

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