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Submitted by Mark Fuller

I Know Where I'm Going

From: New Statesman
24 November 1945

Another English film, I Know Where I'm Going, has excellent qualities, marred a little by the awkwardness we know so well. This new venture of Powell and Pressburger is an advance on Canterbury Tale. No lunatic plot this time; in fact, the story is a guileless little affair, except for some hokey-pokey about a curse and the magazine ending. It has been designed to give depth to the scenery of the Scottish Isles, and this is, believe me, landscape and seascape with a vengeance. Seven days of storm, while the lady who knows where she's going changes her mind, culminates in a trip on murderous seas that is brilliantly filmed. Miss Wendy Hiller and Mr. Sam [sic!] Livesey behave very nicely and naturally in the foreground, and in Capt. C.W.R. Knight, the naturalist, there is discovered a screen personality of roaring charm.

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