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Submitted by Mark Fuller

I Know Where I'm Going

From: The Spectator
23 November 1945

"I Know Where I'm Going" is an example of a film whose meritorious sections do not add up to a sufficiently impressive whole. Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, always ready to explore some new corner of the cinematic field, always ready to give their imagination new play, have here found incidents but not a theme, moods but not an atmosphere. Wendy Hiller as a self-seeking young lady from the suburbs, travels to Scotland to wed an elderly plutocrat. On the way she transfers her affections to an impoverished Scottish Laird, rejecting wealth for the simple virtues of life on the Island of Mull.

     The film contains wit, sentiment and the smell of the heather, Erwin Hillier contributes with his camera some beautiful scottish landscapes. But the moral - that people without money are not necessarily poor - does not finally convince us. In spite of the real setting, we are given a romantic and a partial picture of highland life.

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