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Submitted by Mark Fuller

I Know Where I'm Going

From: Unknown
18 November 1945

....about a girl who goes up to the west coast of Scotland, to marry a very rich business man who's rented a small island for the duration. On the Isle of Mull, within sight of the very island she's bound for, she is held up by fog and storm, and has to put in time seeing the local sights, dancing and ruined castles and so forth, and falls in love with her fellow traveller, the poor Scots laird who really owns the island. The film has something to say. You can have money and still be poor; you can have no money and be abundantly rich. I like the film because it has a fine thought. The Highland scenery rests the eye. The Highland melodies enchant the ear. But all the time, though, through the wailing of the pipers, I couldn't help detecting an echo of the crowing of Peter Pan, when he said "Oh, the cleverness of me!"

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