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Submitted by Nicky Smith & Tipu

I Know Where I'm Going (1945)
By: James Agee
The Nation, September 13th 1947

IKWIG is a very pleasant English film by MP and EP. It is the story of an imperious young Englishwoman (Wendy Hiller), about to marry for money, who is delayed among the natives of one of the islands off the coast of Scotland and there learns better things about herself and about life in general than she might have expected to. Some of this story is told, and charactered, with slickness and whimsy as well as genuine lightness; I kept realizing, as I watched and enjoyed it, how shallow and shabby it would probably seem in print. But there are engaging performances by Miss Hiller and Roger Livesey; the sensitive photography and the intelligent if not very imaginative use of sound do more than enough to make eloquent the influence of place on people; and the whole thing is undertaken with a kind of taste and modesty whose absence did much to harm Messrs. P and P's Stairway to Heaven and Black Narcissus. Theirs is a gentle sort of talent at last, but at times they know very well how to use it, without much concession to their liabilities - inordinate ambition, bumptiousness and a general unevenness of judgement.

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