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The IKWIG School

At the beginning of I Know Where I'm Going! (1945) we see the young Joan growing up, with the opening credits shown on various things like a blackboard in the nursery, a milk cart outside her school and on the factory gates (the 'factory' actually being the front of Denham film studio with the addition of some hanging miniatures - note the way that part of the gate is obscured as it closes)
Dave Buckley tells us that the scene where young Joan runs out of her school and gets onto the horse-drawn milk cart was actually filmed at Harrow County School for Girls in Lowlands Road, Harrow. Now called the Harrow-on-the-Hill campus of Harrow College.

Compare the Then & Now images

IKWIG School - Then

IKWIG School - Now

Now if only we can find a horse-drawn milk float we'll be able to re-create the scene

Here are a couple of more images that Dave supplied:

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