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What Happened Next?

Some time ago I asked various people what they thought might have happened to the characters after the end of the film. Here's one answer from Gareth Jones:

Joan would of course want to communicate to Mr ICI, sorry I mean Mr CIC that she no longer wants to marry him,and she is a proper little lady. The last thing she would do is say it over the airwaves from Tobermoray - very public and inappropriate - most boats have radios. She would not want the embarassment of this getting around the entire Western Isles.

No, the only way she could communiate with Kiloran in a timely fashion is via that boat that Sir Robert has sent but she would not go in person to see him, there are limits even for the most proper jilt! Instead she would compose a letter, the boat would of course wait for her to do this.

After this Joan and Torquil would go back to the Western Isles Hotel for the rest of Torquil's leave , even possibly with seperate bedrooms though with Torquil going back into active service with the Navy they could be forgiven a night or two of passion even by the standards of the time. After all they did immediately announce their engagement. To wait "for the duration" even though it "will not be long now" may well be just too long in wartime. They do not know it Torquil will return alive after all.

Torquil will go back into the Navy until mid to late 1945 but Joan simply cannot return to CIC!, instead she would get a war job in a factory, there are plenty around at that time and lodge with her father to compensate for the drop in wages. I assume by the way that Joan's father is a widower as he did not mention his wife at the posh nightclub.

Upon Torquil's demob he returns to Kiloran directly , this is made easy as Sir Robert has left months before despite having a lease. He has got a downer on the place!

Joan and Torquil get married on Kiloran, this is the most splendid reception that has been seen there for many a year, Many of the characters in IKWIG attend. Joan's father is present of course and falls in love with Kiloran and decides he wants to retire there as soon as posible, but does not say as he is unsure he would be welcome.

Joan always had aspirations to being a lady but in a city setting.. The change to being the lady of Kiloran is an easy one for her to make though, like Torqil she remembers her tenants and neighbours names, noblesse oblige rules!

Life in Kiloran House is both grand and rustic, the house is grand but the food situation in post war Britain with rationing imposes grow your own requirements . Both Torqil and Joan pull together, they are glad of what they have got and know that things in the rest of the country are worse. After all as well as home grown fruit and veg they have fishing including Salmon and also hunting. Not so bad at all! They are sensible people after all. This is a glorious and enviable lifestyle even without much money, as good as it gets in fact.

Torquil does have a reasonable boat for most weather conditions, of course in the film he could not use it as it was beached at Kiloran for the duration. This is used for transport and sightseeing around many surrounding places. Mr and Mrs Potts are visited and visit often. Joan and Catriona are the best of friends of course.

After a year or two Torqil finds the lack of money starts to become pressing and he starts a fishing business based at Oban. This succeeds adequately and Joan helps out by organising the sale of Salmon and Deer.

The couple visit Barnhill on Jura in 1948 and meet a certain E A Blair (George Orwell), Orwell and Torquil have a blazing row about politics and class while Joan drinks and talks amiably with Blair's sister Avril.

Joan's father comes to Kiloran and says he wants to stay to retire, a place is found for him at Kiloran House.

A baby is expected and a technicolour sun sets over Kiloran...

They attend the Oban games each year where Torquil wears his "little kilt" and Joan has a chance to dress up. Joan is impressed by the respect that a leader of a clan is held. Everyone present agrees that the they are the best dancers and enjoy the greatest stamina as they invariably see the sun rise.

Joan and Torqil visit that "lovely green island" for a picnic by boat and are joined by Mr and Mrs Potts.

When talking to George Orwell they discover one experience in common - a brush with the corryvreckan! George Orwell really did venture in it with a small boat and only just made it out - historical fact.

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