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Fascinating trivia (and any goofs) connected with the film

- The Brass Band that plays in the film was the Condover Brass Band. One actor, Peter Dunlop played the part of the cornet player but all the others are from the Condover Brass Band.

- The choir is the real choir from the local Methodist Chapel. When he heard them singing, director Michael Powell said they were too good and he wanted them to sound "more ragged, like a choir of country folk" only to be told "But we are country folk Mr Powell".

- When Hazel & Abel Woodus arrive at the chapel social, as they walk in there are a couple of children running across the road behind them in a crouched posture like they aren't meant to be there and are trying to avoid being seen by the camera.

- As the carts drive past Hughley School on their way to the county fair at the racecourse there is a telegraph pole visible. They cut a later scene with the steam traction engine crossing the railway because the telegraph poles were anachronistic but this one is only in a few frames.

- At the county fair, in the evening, both Abel Woodus & Vessons are wearing rosettes saying "1st Prize". Abel's is for Music but I can't make out what Vessons won his for.

- That scene where Jack Reddin is outside the chapel house in the rain, is that where Marty got the idea for a similar scene with De Niro outside in the rain in Cape Fear?

- In Hunter's Spinney, when Hazel runs off with Jack, the flowers Hazel is carrying when she goes there are more orange in the location scenes. But for the last few shots there (which look like they're in the studio), the flowers are much more red by the time Reddin treads on them as he lifts Hazel onto his horse.

- BTW there was a scene cut there. In the book, Reddin has his wicked way with Hazel in the Spinney and afterwards he cries in her arms. That is later referred to when they are at Undern and Hazel teases him saying that he cried like a child.
But was there ever a more obvious bit of symbolism than Reddin treading on Hazel's flowers - de-flowered. Get it?

- When Vessons is shooting the blackbirds, he does manage to reload and fire that shotgun very quickly. But it might be just possible.

- When Hazel goes looking for Foxy for the last time, Foxy is in the woods and there is a running wire from his/her collar to a long horizontal wire to keep it to a small area but still have some freedom of movement. None of those wires are visible, but as it pulls on the wire there's a vertical wire on the tree that becomes visible as it is pulled away from the tree.

- Had it not been for Cardiganshire farmer Bertie Stephens, it is doubtful if Michael Powell would ever have been able to finish his film Gone to Earth, for the climax of the picture is when the hunt sweeps up "God's Little Mountain" in full cry and the chief character in the story, Hazel (Jennifer Jones), realises that her pet fox cub is missing and runs out to try and save it. But various hunts barred their members from participating in the film and would not lend their packs of hounds for it. Powell tried everywhere, and everywhere failed. After the film had been held up for quite a long time, and everyone was beginning to give up all hope, Mr. Stephens stepped forward and saved the day.

- GOOF: Chapter 1 00:02:53 Shadow of film crew on the path in front of Hazel. The sun is behind the camera so that can't be her shadow in front of her. (see picture)

- GOOF: Chapter 1 00:04:25 If you look very closely at the gate blowing in the breeze, you'll see someone from the crew visible between the bottom right rungs. He's rolled his sleeves up, and is wearing a pullover (see picture)

- GOOF: Chapter 12 01:44:05 A truck is visible on the track down to Lord's Hill Chapel. I only spotted this using the Studio as my TV cuts this off (see picture Lord's Hill 45.jpg)

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