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Submitted by Neal Lofthouse

Twice Upon A Time - c**
Picturegoer July 4th 1953

Elizabeth Allan
Hugh Williams

Here's a pleasant, simple little domestic story. The plot doesn't amount to much, but there's a welcome homely approach in the presentation.

This picture is dominated twins - playing twins. And the pair, Yolande and Charmain Larthe, play delightfully, too. Hugh Williams is their father, and Elizabeth Allan dispenses charm in the role of the mother.

Each of the divorced parents has been given the care of one twin. The twins meet at a children's holiday camp in the Tyrol, discover their relationship and decide to change places.

And, of course, the deceived parents are astonished at the difference in their charges.

The father's charge, who was once a little rascal, turns out to be fond of music, a good cook and a capable manageress. And the mother's charge seems to have lost all these virtues.

The fun arises from the fact that each girl is nearly always giving herself away.

As you've probably guessed, the twins make a bid to reconcile their parents.

Violetta Elvin is good as a ballerina ; and Jack Hawkins makes brief, but telling entrances as the family doctor.

It's naive, but I found it a pleasant hour and a quarter of fun.

(Lionel Collier)

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