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In 1959 - 1960, Alfred Hitchcock and Michael Powell each created an artistically complex horror film, attacking middle class attitudes on family, money, sex and entertainment, and acknowledging the voyeuristic and sadistic tendencies of the films’ genre and moviegoers in general. Powell was uncompromising in his vision and cast his film with the same attitude. When the films were released, Powell viewed his creation complete, and left it in the hands of others: the critics and the producers who didn’t know what to make of this brilliant film, and so, destroyed it. Hitchcock, on the other hand, had just gotten started; using his creativity and public persona, he devised a brilliant media blitz to protect and promote his film/investment. Therefore, if any one thing is accused of killing Peeping Tom, it would have to be Powell’s own artistic sensibilities, and perhaps a touch of arrogance.

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