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The Queen's Guards (1961)

Daniel Massey plays a young guard. While on duty he begins reminiscing about his past, which is shown in a series of flashbacks. The film chronicles his relationship with his father (played by his real father, Raymond Massey), various romances, and, of course, some exciting battles. At the heart of the film is the younger Massey's belief that his brother was killed in a foolish strategic move that also sacrificed the troops under his command. But Massey discovers his brother died a hero and is able to resolve his feelings. This is all told in magnificent detail by noted director Powell. Unfortunately there's too much detail, and the film quickly bogs down. The elder Massey gives a good performance despite an overwritten part, while the son gives a fairly good characterization. There's an elegance to this picture which is wonderful to look at. However, the slow pacing gives the stylization a stiffness that becomes detrimental in the long-run. Costumes and Technicolor (as well as CinemaScope) are all used to their best advantage.

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