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Fascinating trivia (and any goofs) connected with the film

- Alida Chelli was the girlfriend of leading man Walter Chiari and almost didn't get the part because she was thought to be too glamorous and might have upstaged female lead Clare Dunne.

- "The House That Nino Built" was in Greenacre, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. Actors dug trenches, poured concrete, laid bricks, etc. The house was finished by George Wimpey & Co. Ltd. and then sold to raise funds for The Royal Life Saving Society. The stars footprints were set in concrete slabs in the pathway.

- The 'dream house' that Nino plans to build for Kay would be sited on Dobroyd Point. North of Manly Beach and right near it is Grotto Point! - further out than Cremorne Point. Grotto Point has a lighthouse which resembles a small Greek church.

- The cast and crew had a long weekend at Smiggin Holes, Kosiusko Park in the Snowy Mountains as a working holiday after the main filming was completed. Some pick up shots were made there.

- Graham Kennedy, the man in the car who asks for directions, was the host of the long running "In Melbourne Tonight" TV show. The friendly rivalry between Sydney & Melbourne was the reason why, when he asks where the Channel-9 studios are,, the passer-by tells him to get out of town & get back to Melbourne.

- Ray Hartley, the newsboy who helps Nino sort out his change, played children on Australian radio for years and was probably getting on for 50 when the film was made.

- The barmaid behind the bar (The Marble Bar) where Nino and "the fat man" shout each other a drink, is Anne Haddy, better known as Helen Daniels in long running Aussie soap "Neighbours".

- Muriel Steinbeck, who played Kay's mother, was a well known radio actress who was usually heard doing Barbara Stanwyck roles such as Sorry, Wrong Number.

- The National Library of Australia holds a collection of the Papers of John O'Grady which includes:

Plenty of material there for any researchers.

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