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Submitted by Roger Mellor
Original at TV Cream
The Boy Who Turned Yellow

The Boy Who Turned Yellow - Taught us all about the wonders of electricity. Boy is sent home from school. On Tube train home, there's a flash, and everything turns yellow, including him. There's some bloke called Nick ("Short for electroNIC") who helps him travel down the mains circuits. Oh, and there's something to do with mice. Quite surreal, but it did teach us that electricity travels at the speed of light. ("Or as we like to say, light travels at the speed of electricity"). An all-action finale involved rescuing a pet mouse from the Tower of London, with comical beefeater guards, ravens etc. Ha-ho! A prestigious entry, however, for not only was it one of the last collaborations of the great director/writer/producer team of MICHAEL POWELL and EMERIC "Nephew Danny" [Danny who? Danny Boyle (Director of Trainspotting, Life Less Ordinary etc) isn't Emeric's nephew, but Andrew MacDonald (Producer of Trainspotting etc) is] PRESSBURGER, but it won that year's "Chiffy" award! That's the award presented for the best CFF Film of that year. Still, not to be sniffed at ...

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