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Michael Powell - Selected Filmography (As Director) and Web links

The Edge Of The World 1937
The Spy In Black 1939 (co-directed with Emeric Pressburger, EP)
The Lion Has Wings 1939 (co-directed with Brian Brunel & Desmond Hurst)
The Thief Of Bagdad 1940 (co-directed with Ludwig Berger & Tim Whelan)
Contraband 1940
An Airman's Letter To His Mother 1941
49th Parallel 1941 (co-directed with EP)
One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing 1942 (co-directed with EP)
The Volunteer 1943
The Life & Death Of Colonel Blimp 1943 (co-directed with EP)
A Canterbury Tale 1944 (co-directed with EP)
I Know Where I'm Going 1945 (co-directed with EP)
A Matter Of Life & Death 1946 (co-directed with EP)
Black Narcissus 1947 (co-directed with EP)
The Red Shoes 1948 (co-directed with EP)
The Small Back Room 1948 (co-directed with EP)
Gone To Earth 1950 (co-directed with EP)
The Elusive Pimpernel 1950 (co-directed with EP)
The Tales Of Hoffmann 1951 (co-directed with EP)
Oh Rosalinda!! 1955 (co-directed with EP)
The Battle Of The River Plate 1956 (co-directed with EP)
Ill Met By Moonlight 1956
Honeymoon 1959
Peeping Tom 1960
The Queen's Guards 1961
Bluebeard's Castle 1964
They're A Wierd Mob 1966
Age Of Consent 1969
The Boy Who Turned Yellow 1972

Michael Powell Web Links

Voyager: Powell and Pressburger Biography
All the links cited here have long since gone away. Just refer to the IMDb