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Submitted by Neal Lofthouse

There's No Place Like Home
By: John Bretton

From: Picturegoer July 8 1950

So many of our stars are deciding that after all, there's no place like home. Following the news of the return of the Rex Harrisons and David Nivens from Hollywood, I hear that two other top line actors are staying put this side of the Atlantic.

They are Roland Culver, who has come home after five years in the States, and David Farrar, who has turned down many attractive offers from Hollywood producers.

Any more for the home front?

Why this apparently sudden outbreak of homesickness?

Says Roland, who has made films for Paramount, Columbia and Universal: "There is a bigger future in Britain."

Says David, who has had several tempting offers from Hollywood: "There is a lot of work looming up on the home horizon now."

Somewhat odd statements these, for if the dismal jimmies had their way our studios would be plastered with "closed down" notices tommorow. Here then, are the whys and wherefores from the stars.

Roland: "Hollywood hasn't much use for my type any more. It doesn't cater specially for the British market in the way that it used to. During the last two years I have made only two pictues in Hollywood. The rest of the time I played golf.

David: He's been cast for three starring parts this year and has the opportunity to star in and direct two films next year. One is a Technicolor costume piece, the other a dramatic script of a "foremost contemporary novelist." [David certainly never directed any films so whetever these were, they came to nothing. The "Technicolor costume piece" might have been a reference to GTE, but with David as an actor, not a director.]

Both David Farrar and Roland Culver are at present starring at Isleworth Studios in The Late Edwina Black (1951), a film of the play which had a long West End run.

David plays the husband of Edwina, who is murdered, and Roland is a detective. . . . . . . .

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