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I Know Where I'm Going

UKcomedy 1945 bw 91 min.

Director: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
CLV: $69.95 - 2 discs, catalog # CC1389L

Romance flourishes in an unlikely place: the bleak and moody Hebrides. Powell and Pressburger's fresh, enigmatic comedy, I Know Where I'm Going! is a quiet delight with its surprising mix of elements both whimsical and stark against the background of Erwin Hillier's stunning black-and-white cinematography. Wendy Hiller stars as a headstrong young woman who travels to Scotland to marry a rich lord. But while impatiently waiting to make the final leg of her journey, she meets a handsome naval officer (Roger Livesey) who threatens to thwart her carefully laid-out plans.

Special features include:

  • An exceptional new video transfer supervised by cinematographer Erwin Hillier.
  • Audio commentary by film historian Ian Christie
  • Excerpts from Michael Powell's home movies and 1937 feature The Edge of the World
  • Recent photographs of the film's original locations
  • The 1994 documentary I Know Where I'm Going! Revisited

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