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Gloria Rouzer Will Be Freed in Death Case
Release of "Ione Orde" is Expected Sunday After Deposition Signed

The Miami News - Miami, FL. - Nov 10, 1929

Point A La Heche, LA, Nov. 9.
Miss Gloria Gay Rouzer, New York society girl, held in the Plaquemine parish prison here since Oct. 12 as a material witness in the Jack Kraft murder case, probably will be liberated tomorrow.

This was seen tonight following announcement that the girl's deposition in the case, taken last Wednesday at a hearing for John McGouldrick, charged with the murder of Kraft, had been prepared and was ready for the girl's signature

The testimony of Miss Rouzer, until last week known only as the mysterious "Ione Orde," was completed by a court stenographer too late for a hearing today, and a meeting was arranged for tomorrow. The deposition will be read in the presence of District Attorney Leander H. Perez, Judge J. Claude Meraux, Mrs. Gloria Rouzer, mother of the girl, and the witness and her attorneys.

District Attorney Perez announced Miss Rouzer would be released as soon as she has signed her testimony and it was certified.

The girl will not be required to appear at the trial of McGouldrick, second officer of the coastwise steamer Creole, when it is called on Nov. 25, the district attorney said.

McGouldrick also was held in the parish prison tonight, pending his trial. He was arrested in New York after his vessel had returned from its trip to New Orleans, on which Kraft met his death. Kraft, a New York pressman, was reported to have leaped from the steamer, but the presence of a bullet would in the recovered body led to the arrest of Miss Rouzer, Sam Epstein, a ship steward, as witnesses, and McGouldrick as the accused murdered.

Epstein was released several days ago following the taking of his deposition in the case.

Epstein and Miss Rouzer both testified Kraft leaped overboard and denied the pressman had been killed aboard the ship and his body hurled into the Mississippi river.

The girl, whose previous statements resulted in the indictment of McGouldrick, charger that her accusations against the seaman had been obtained under duress and that she had been "third degreed."

District attorney Perez emphatically denied these charges.

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