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Submitted by Terry Hanstock

"Joseph Anthony" traced

There's a letter on p68 of the January 2001 issue of "Sight & Sound" (vol. 11 Issue 1 (NS)) from Stephen Bourne who writes:

"...I have traced Eddie Whaley Jr., the scene-stealing child actor [in BN] who portrayed the little boy Joseph Anthony who upsets Sister Ruth... Eddie Whaley Jr was the son of the African-American music hall and radio comedian Eddie Whaley who, with his partner Harry Scott, came to this country in 1909...

Scott and Whaley (Senior) were the first black performers to star in a British film...In KENTUCKY MINSTRELS (John Baxter, 1934), the popular double act recreated the roles they had popularised in their long-running BBC radio series.

Born in Brighton, Eddie Whaley Jr made his professional debut as a three-year old on BBC radio with his father, and was just seven when MP cast him in BN. He remembers MP as "a tyrant on set who screamed a lot", but "nice" too...

Now 61 and living in Florida, Eddie says he has just acquired BN on video. "I gave it to my youngest daughter", he says, "thinking it would be a nice memento for her to have in the years to come. I believe she was fairly unimpressed with her Dad's limited acting abilities, but she was polite enough not to voice her opinion."

I think the author of the letter, Stephen Bourne, is a writer/researcher on black cinema.

Indeed he is, his book "Black in the British frame" identified quite a few of the minor actors on BN, ToB and Norris Smith as Candy's black driver in Blimp. He's also written a book on gay subtexts in British cinema. Both of his books are very well researched and while they may be seem controversial, are highly recommended. He also does a lot of programming at the FBI/NFT.


[I've since been in touch with Stephen Bourne & Eddie by email - Steve]

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