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Who was Lady Yule?

Lady Yule was the widow of the Calcutta Jute millionaire, Sir David Yule. According to Michael Powell in A Life in Movies he was a banker and she was also a race horse owner. Rank was introduced to her by John Corfield and according to the book, 'she was casual, patriotic, and somewhat eccentric and saw in films a possible way to promote the British way of life.' The three of them formed British National Films in July 1934.

Rank, British National films and Charles Boot of the engineering and building concern Henry Boot & Son, built and equally owned Pinewood Studios. In 1937 Rank resigned from British National, Corfield resigned from the Pinewood board and Lady Yule sold her stake in Pinewood to Rank.

From "Who Was Who" (archived entries from "Who's Who")
Yule, Sir David, 1st Bt, cr.1922; Kt., cr 1912;
Member of Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd; (this must be the jute concern -Neal)
Director Midland Bank, Mercantile Bank of India Ltd., (and a banker too as MP said - Neal) Vickers Ltd., and of Royal Exchange Insurance;
b. 4 Aug 1858; s. of David Yule, Edinburgh;
m.1900, Annie Henrietta o.d. of late Andrew Yule, Calcutta.
(? .. Not too close a relation I presume - Neal)
[Well the aristos have to get their receding chins from somewhere]

Heir: none Address: Clive Row, Calcutta
(Died 3 July 1928.)

(At which point Annie returned to England to spend the money on films and studios. - Neal)

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