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Steve's trip to Canterbury 28th & 29th May 1999

As they turned the corner on the old road ...
View from window of The Red Lion
The Red Lion at Wingham (Founded AD 1286)
"What I'd give to grow old in a house like that"
Standing on a classic English Village Green
With a nice pub to one side
And a charming church next door
Alison & Bob drove past Wickhambreux Court
And looked over the wall (now a bit overgrown)
The Old Town Hall at Fordwich
Tucked away in a leafy corner of the village
The hoist was jutting out in the film
But I leaned out over the river for a better look
The notice doesn't say it's only open on Sunday (I went on Friday)
Selling Railway Station - that side looks empty
and so does the other side (from the bridge)
A nice old church (St. Mary's) in Chilham
Canterbury West Station - where Peter got his halo
The Westgate - where's the silent, pointing, policeman?
That's where Peter stopped and asked a policeman
The old clock tower where Alison walked
"It is an awful mess, ... But you get a very good view of the Cathedral now"
Mercery Lane, where the soldiers marched towards the Cathedral
The Cathedral gate Hotel - no teas (or pizzas) available
King's School - towards the school green
Lovely old buildings all around the green
Walking from the school to the Cathedral cloisters
There are maps giving the ages of each part of the buildings
The Cathedral and the ruins of the old Priory
Walking back towards King's School
And so we bid farewell to the fine old City of Canterbury

Steve's report on the trip

A few stills from the film - A Canterbury Tale (1944)

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