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Dedication of new Radio, Film and Television Building at Canterbury Christ Church University College
Press Release dated 17th Sept 1999

The new Radio, Film and Television Building at Canterbury Christ Church University College is to be named The Powell Building at an event on Friday 15 October in memory of Canterbury's illustrious film maker Michael Powell. Powell, who died nine years ago, was one of Britain's greatest film directors, and with his partner Emeric Pressburger, was responsible for the great classics such as The Red Shoes, A Matter of Life and Death and Black Narcissus.

The special guest at the naming event will be Thelma Schoonmaker Powell, Michael Powell's widow and Oscar winning editor. She has collaborated with Martin Scorsese on all of his films since Raging Bull.

This is Thelma's second visit to the Department of Radio, Film and Television at the College. Once again she will give a lecture on the work she has done with Scorsese and Michael Powell's influence on it, to a specially invited audience that will include friends and colleagues of Michael and Thelma Powell, as well as students.

The following day, Saturday 16 October, as part of the celebrations, the College in conjunction with the Kent International Film Festival is holding a day event on Powell's wartime film A Canterbury Tale. Hosted by Nick Burton, Head of the Department of Radio, Film and Television, speakers will be academics Professor Ian Christie and Dr Peter Vujakovic, and writer Paul Tritton, author of a forthcoming book on the film. The film will be screened in the afternoon and will give the public an opportunity to meet some of the cast and crew of the film, as well as others with a passion for Powell's work. Lady Sheila Attenborough, star of the film will attend. This event is free, and open to anyone.

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