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Submitted by Nicky Smith

A Canterbury Tale Walk
By: Nicky Smith

Just a brief note (I'll leave Steve to give a proper account) to say that Steve, Neal (and his dog Jess) and I have been to Chilham and are now owners of the Canterbury Tale book and very nice it is too (and yes, Roger and Malcolm - your names are in it !) The main locations were the Old Mill where the boys have to look through their paper salvage for glue receipts, the river where the 'battle' takes place, the square where Alison meets the bus, and the hill where and Colpeper have their little tete a tete in the grass (though Paul Tritton hasn't been able to pinpoint the exact place it happened). There were about 50 people there including some old-timers who remembered the filming - one chap said he can be spotted as a boy sitting on a low wall in the scene at the forge.

It was fascinating to talk to people and discover how they got obsessed with this one film. Some, like Paul, were locals who were interested in the countryside, some were just Archers obsessives, and one woman said it was just Eric Portman who did it for her. This was especially fascinating as she had done a lot of research for a biography which she had abandoned for reasons that some of you (certainly Roger) may find just too depressing. But I may be persuaded to tell more. My one factoid is that he was a champion breeder of bull terriers.


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