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Submitted by Neal Lofthouse

A Canterbury Tale
By: Neal Lofthouse

John Sweet at the Marlowe
I've just got back from the most wonderful day in Canterbury. Despite the best efforts of the M25 I managed to get to the ABC at about the right time and met up with Steve, Nicky Smith and Lou Volpe. Paul Tritton was there of course selling his excellent book John Sweet and Shelia Sim were already being kept busy with signings. Steve had arrived the previous day and spent some time with John and Shelia while they were being interviewed by Ian Christie for Radio 3. Details from Steve to follow. We eventually seated ourselves in the auditorium and after introductions from the ABC manager, a director of the Kent film festival and Paul Tritton the show began.

Although not the best of prints the film itself was BRILLIANT. I found the outside world faded away for 2 hours. This was the first time I'd seen an Archers film on the big screen and I found it a much more moving experience than the tv, and the fact that John and Shelia were in the audience made it more so. Speaking to people afterwards they all agreed they all noticed things in the film they hadn't seen before. After the end of the film to much warm applause both stars took a bow while Shelia received some flowers.

Next stop was a buffet lunch in the Powell building. This gave an excellent chance to have a chat and get some signatures in our copies of Paul's book from both the "major" and "minor" stars from both sides of the camera.

Finally we all gathered at the Marlowe Theatre (previously the cinema where the world premiere was held) to witness the unveiling of a plaque. I had to leave after that but Nicky and Steve were intending to go for tea in THE tearoom.

Steve and Paul are taking John Sweet around some of the locations on Thursday so he will no doubt report on that later. I only had a few words with John Sweet but he seems a very modest man. I asked him if he would do me the honour of signing my book and he said it was a greater honour to sign it.

Sorry if I've rambled a bit but its been one of those days you know your going to remember for the rest of your life.


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