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A Canterbury Trail 2014

A film location visit
for devotees of Powell & Pressburger's
"A Canterbury Tale"
on Sunday August 31, 2014

We will visit Fordwich Town Hall, the inspiration for 'Chillingbourne Town Hall,' where Alison and Bob Johnson reported their encounter with the glueman to Thomas Colpeper.

The Town Hall will be open from 1.45 - 4 pm (admission 2.00). We will visit the Court Room and explore the history of the old port of Fordwich so far from the sea.

We will also see St Mary's parish church (where Chillingbourne's parishioners were filmed arriving for matins), the entrance to the 'Colpeper Institute', and other nearby places that represented Chillingbourne village.

Meet on Fordwich Quay at 1.30 pm
or join us from 12.30 pm at the Fordwich Arms for refreshments.

No need to book. Just turn up!

There are very few public parking spaces in Fordwich village. Please find one on or off the road leading from Sturry to Fordwich. For details of bus and rail services to Sturry (½ mile from Fordwich) visit and Please check the National Rail website the day before you travel to ensure that there are no timetable alterations due to engineering works etc.

NOTE: Although we usually gather on what is the Sunday of the August bank holiday weekend we really gather on the last Sunday in August, the weekend when the film is set. These usually coincide but this is one of the occasions when the last Sunday is the last day of August and the bank holiday is actually on the previous weekend.

Your guide will be Steve Crook of the Powell & Pressburger Appreciation Society.

This is a Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society event
For more information visit


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