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ACT Location Walk, Fordwich, 31st August 2014

A sunny afternoon in Fordwich. About 40 of us gathered in the pub (where else?) and then, suitably refreshed, we started our tour of the local sights.

We started in the church where Bob and the Hortons go to the Sunday service after the boy's river battle and the scene on pow-wow hill. After everyone had had a good look around and settled into the box pews I stood at the lectern and welcomed them all to Chillingbourne, or part of it. "The lessons today will be taken from the Book of Tritton"

After some information about the church and the scenes shot there we went to the Town Hall where a short video about the history of Fordwich was shown in the undercroft. Upstairs in the court-room we saw how well they re-created it for the film. I pointed out some of the differences between the room we see in the film and the real room.

A few "volunteers" acted out the scenes where Bob and then Alison met Colpeper. All great fun

Then it was up to the top of the High Street, trying to avoid all of the traffic. Pointing out the road to Pru Honeywood's farm we started to explore the "Beverly Hills" of Fordwich. It was along there that the three main boys, and some of the others, lived. Down at the bottom of the High Street we saw the Manor House which was (the exterior of) the Colpeper Institute and one of the views out of those magical windows in The Hand of Glory.

Finally it was round to the George and Dragon which was also part of The Hand of Glory and was where Michael stayed while they were shooting the location scenes.

Across the road is the car park where the boys play with their new football under the closing credits

Another great day exploring the Kent countryside and meeting fellow admirers of a special film


A gallery of photos by Jim Pople, 2nd assistant editor on A Canterbury Tale and "I Know Where I'm Going!". © J. Pople, 2014

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