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ACT Location Walk, Chilham, 30th August 2015

Well we walked & talked, and we walked & talked and my 61 year old legs are tired out, but happy :)

After the warnings about possible rain it turned out to be warm but dry if a bit close.

About 45 people turned up which was great, and most of them stayed with us for the duration of the walk which was even better.

We met at Chilham station ("Chillingbourne, this is Chillingbourne") where I played the opening music and the Canterbury Tales opening as read by Esmond Knight. Then I gave them an introduction to the walk.

We wended our way to Chilham Mill, scene of the boy's HQ and the river battle. Thence to Chilman's Downs, scene of Alison's "roll in the grass" with Colpeper. A couple of people were "volunteered" to read out their lines to set the scene. Then on to Old Wye Lane, scene of the carriers intercepting Alison's cart. Another couple of people read out the scene.

Then back to Juliberrie's Mound, aka "Pow-wow hill" which is now quite vastly overgrown. The scene with Bob and Generals Terry & Leslie was read out. Back past the mill and on up to Chilham Square, stopping off at the Woolpack for a pint and a pie.

Suitably refreshed we staggered up the hill to Chilham Square where we could read out the scene between Alison & Polly Finn when the bus arrived at the square. Down School Hill a short way to see where Bob & Peter played "catch". Down Taylor's Hill a short way to see the view up the hill which was used as a model for where the Glueman ran up the hill. Then we gathered in the churchyard where I could read out Colpeper's speech.

Much applause and thanks for a great day out. We posed for a few group photos. Then we said our farewells to cries of "See you same time next year", and we went home, tired but happy


P.S. Thanks to Ali for the announcement in the Chilham parish magazine and the piece in the KentOnline site

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