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ACT Location Walk, Fordwich, 27st August 2017

One of our air crew is missing...... we waited for him though. Fordwich Church.

Our Guides Colin Turner & Sue Pritchard Inside Fordwich Church 2017.

Helen, Colin & Sue reading scripts Fordwich Town Hall 2017

Fordwich Town Hall 2017

Could Colin pass for Colpeper / Portman ?

Colin at Colpeper's JP desk...... pleading bar in front of him.

Colin signing visitors book. Sue besides wearing 1940s clothing apparel is holding a hard back copy of Paul Tritton's definative book. Note the beam above...... it's typical that Cinique Ports carpenters would have built churches, Tithe barns, Windmills et cetera besides defensive boats, ships.

An achievement of Arms: anno domini 1660. Heraldy denoting the reign of Charles 11 House of Stuart 1660-1685.
Behind the JP's desk in the Town Hall.

The left hand side Town Hall window showing the river Stour. the river flows towards the right hand side en route to Richborough port,Pegwell Bay, Sandwich, Deal.

Roof, lights ducking stool.The real Fordwich Town Hall, not Denham.

Fordwich Town Hall stairs with downwards perspective...... compare to Maritime Ship decks, rather steep to climb or descend

Fordwich Town Hall stairs Helen Lawson descending. 2017

Showing Fordwich High Street.

Colin with PaPAS members.

Our guides Colin Turner & Sue Pritchard at the corner of Fordwich High Street

Colpeper Institute / Corner of Fordwich High Street 2017
The farm is to the left past the Oast house.

All photos by John (thanks John)

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